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Combo Moving Box Kit

Combo Moving Kit

Combo Moving Kit contains the perfect mix of boxes for a small move (1-2 Rooms, 1 Bedroom Apartment). Combo Moving Kit includes 20 Moving Boxes and Supplies.

Super Value Kit

Super Value Kit contains the perfect mix of boxes for a typical small move (1-2 Rooms). Super Value Kit includes 30 Moving Boxes and Supplies.
Deluxe Value Kit

Deluxe Value Kit

Deluxe Value Kit contains the perfect mix and amount of boxes and moving supplies for a typical move. Deluxe Value Kit includes 40 Moving Boxes and Supplies.

There is a Moving Box Kit Right For You

Moving Boxes Kits come in many shapes and sizes. The way to quality moving is that it has an arrangement of packing boxes and moving supplies. Yourself and your movers will love you for this.

First, what you don’t need is a one size fits all unit bundles. Second, Vendors sell these to make it easier to push more moving boxes. These pre-assembled kits such as:

1 bedroom – which usually just contain small and medium boxes.

2 bedrooms – these normally have more small and mediums with a couple of large boxes.

Whole house moving kits – this is the kit that usually has the most boxes. These most of the time do not contain moving boxes that are specific to certain items.

This makes for extraordinary showcasing, not all that good for moving. It’s significant that some genuine idea was placed into the unit structure so they contain the right moving boxes and supplies.

Other boxes you may need:

Kitchen Boxes – Great for plates, bowls, and appliances (toaster, mixers, etc.)

TV boxes – Our television boxes fit up to 70″ flat screens.

Wardrobe boxes – No need to fold and use other boxes. Just take your clothes from your closet to these portable closet boxes.

Types of Moving Boxes Kits

Here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes we give you a starting point for a kit and add more if needed. Our base moving kits are:

Combo – this contains 4 smalls, 12 mediums, and 4 larges. Most vendors do not include large moving boxes.

Super Value – This is our most popular. It contains 5 small, 20 medium, and 5 large boxes. Remember you can always add more, and make a custom kit.

Deluxe Value – Our largest value kit. It contains 7 small, 26 medium, and 7 large boxes.

Lastly, don’t see what you’re looking for, no problem!  You can add more boxes and supplies to your moving kit.  Just choose your packing boxes and your packing supplies.  Your custom moving box kit will be assembled and shipped that day*!  So feel free to browse around and be assured you’re getting the best kits in the business.