Chair Covers


Use Chair Covers to provide protection from dust, dirt and stains for your chairs.

2 (per package)
72 x 46 (inches)
72 (inches)
46 (inches)
2 mil


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Chair Covers

  • Qty: 2 Cover / Bag
  • Protects against Movers‘ Sweat, Dust, Dirt, and Water.
  • Dimensions: 72 x 46 (W x D)
  • Package Contains: 2 Chair Covers / Moving Bag.
Buy Backs:100% Buy Back of Unused Product
Returns:90-Day No Hassle Returns
Sales Tax:No Sales Tax In Most States
Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

Most movers are careful when moving delicate items like furniture and chairs. However, it’s possible for furniture and other items to get scratched or damaged during transport.  Most moving trucks pack a home’s contents in a very tight way. While items typically don’t shift during transport, a pothole in a road or a fast braking action can cause the contents of a moving truck to shift. If this happens, plastic chair covers can prevent your furniture from becoming scratched.

It’s also possible for furniture to experience UV damage. While this is less likely in northern climates, it can be a significant risk in areas with temperate and tropic climates. In many cases, UV damage can significantly fade furniture. Plastic chair covers can lessen the risk of UV damage.

With plastic chair covers and plastic furniture covers, it’s possible to avoid this and many other problems. While moving can be a stressful experience, it’s possible to alleviate some of that stress by packing furniture in a safe way.

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