Disc Lock


Use Disc Lock to protect item inside your Storage Container with our durable disc lock.

1 Lock
2 3/8″ (inches)
Stainless Steel
Made in the USA
Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes


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Disc Locks are perfect to ensure the safety of your items in a storage container or rental truck.

  • Keep items safe with our durable Disc Lock. Designed to fit all storage containers.
  • Moving Tip – Your container must be locked prior to pick-up
  • Protect item inside your Storage Container with our durable strong lock.
  • Works with all containers
Buy Backs:100% Buy Back of Unused Disc Locks
Returns:90-Day No Hassle Returns
Sales Tax:No Sales Tax In Most States
Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

Disc locks and padlocks are the most economical and easy-to-operate tools to protect your valuables in the self-storage units, sheds or moving trucks. The cost of the lock when compared to the value of the contents and a good sturdy lock is available at a low cost enough to eliminate the need to cut corners and settle for a cheaper lock.

In today’s world, the use of the self-storage units or portable storage has become very popular when it comes to moving, or as a short-term solution during the remodeling a home. Protecting your valuables without a strong lock will not have a good ending even if you are planning to move or just place your belongings temporarily in a storage unit.

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