What to Pack in Each Moving Box Size

It is important to pack all of your items in the right moving box sizes. A lot of times when people pack their boxes they do not take in consideration the chance of their items breaking or becoming damaged. Picking the right size box will ensure that your items will remain safe. Just because you have a larger box, does not mean that you should or can pack more items inside it. The different sized moving boxes are designed with specific items. All of Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes are now designed with hand holes to make it easier for lifting. We have put a guide together so that you will know what you should put in each packing box size:

Small Moving Box

First style of box is the small moving box. These boxes are perfect for small yet heavy items. They can carry up to 65 lbs. Small boxes are the best for packing small appliances, decorations, or glasses.

- Sheet Sets - Movies - Vases - Books - Tools

Best items to put in a small moving box:

- Toasters and other small kitchen appliances - Food (cans) - Smaller knick-knacks

The next style, the most popular box size, is the medium moving box.  It is perfect for packing smaller household items. Make sure when packing medium boxes not to over pack and to fill any voids with bubble wrap or packing paper.

- Children toys - Tupperware - Video games - Computers

Best items to put in a medium moving box:

- Coffee makers - Toaster - Blender - Household knick-knacks

Medium Moving Box

The second most popular box size is the large box. Though this box is larger you will want to make sure that you do not exceed the weight capacity of 65 lbs. The larger packing space is meant for bulky, light weight items.

- Pillows - Board games - Stuffed animals - Clothing

Best items to put in a Large moving box:

- Towels and other linens - Speakers - Lampshades

Large Moving Box

The last box size is our x-large moving box. This is the largest box size out of them all. It is perfect for larger, bulky items. Make sure not to over pack these boxes due to the amount of packing space.

- Comforters - Larger pillows - Seasonal items

Best items to put in a X-Large moving box:

- towels and linens - Large stuffed animals

Extra Large Moving Box

In addition to the normal and most popular box sizes, Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes carries other boxes that are specifically made for various items. Here are some of our other specialty boxes:

Specialty Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes

TV Box

Frame Box

Picture Box