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Chair Cover
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    Most movers are careful when moving delicate items like furniture and chairs. However, it’s possible for furniture and other items to get scratched or damaged during transport. Most moving trucks pack a home’s contents in a very tight way. While items typically don’t shift during transport, a pothole in a road or a fast braking action can cause the contents of a moving truck to shift. If this happens, plastic chair covers can prevent your furniture from becoming scratched. It’s also possible...

    stainless steel disc lock
    Price: $12.49
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    Item #: DL01-K -

      Disc Locks are perfect to ensure the safety of your items in a storage container or rental truck. Keep items safe with our durable Disc Lock. Designed to fit all storage containers. Moving Tip – Your container must be locked prior to pick-up Protect item inside your Storage Container with our durable strong lock. Works with all containers Disc locks and padlocks are the most economical and easy-to-operate tools to protect your valuables in the self-storage units, sheds or moving trucks. The...