Estimated Delivery Date



Is there a minimum order amount?

We do not have a minimum order at this time.

Is it possible to place a special order for boxes of a specific or custom size?

No. In order to provide our customers professional mover quality boxes at the lowest possible price, we have our boxes manufactured in large quantities, and prepackage them into our convenient bundles. The boxes available are professional moving box size and shape, and are described by length, width and height. The reason for this is we have three distribution centers across the country, and this keeps our cost low so we can offer the best price.

I need to buy a lot of boxes for a very big move or a commercial moving company; do you have commercial pricing?

We have an entire commercial shipping box division dedicated to providing the lowest prices possible, on bulk orders. So, if you are looking to purchase orders for a large move, a commercial move or are a mover that needs bulk boxes and supplies, please call us at 1-855-552-6937 or email us at and put QUOTE in the subject line of your email.

Shipping / Delivery

How much is delivery?

Shipping is always 100% FREE for orders over $35! As moving boxes are big and bulky, we do charge a small $3.95 large package handling fee to help cover some of the costs of picking the order and preparing the moving boxes for shipping. We deliver our boxes to you via FedEx ground service, from our distribution center nearest to you. That way, we are sure that the boxes will get to you in the Next One or Two Business Days, guaranteed!

Is there a minimum for delivery?

No, there are no minimums for delivery. Simply order any of the items that we sell and delivery is included in the price of the product.

Are your boxes shipped flat or folded?

Our boxes are shipped flat and/or folded given the larger size. This makes it easier for our customers and our shipping partners to lift and carry compact packages.

How do orders ship?

All orders are shipped Free via FedEx ground with most deliveries occurring 1-2 Business Days.

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders placed before 4PM EST are processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 4PM EST will be processed and shipped on the next business day. To get an estimate on when your order will arrive, view our Shipping Information page. Most orders arrive in 1 to 2 business days. For example, if you order on Friday after 6:30 pm, your boxes will ship the next business day (Monday) and typically arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.

How do I track or view my order?

Upon Shipment, you will receive an email notification which will include your order’s Tracking numbers and a Link to tracking information on FedEx’s website. You can also keep track of you order’s status, from processing through delivery, by visiting My Account or our track my package page. To access your account, Log in using the email address and password you provided during checkout.

How long does the shipping take?

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes, LLC ships your moving boxes and moving supplies to most areas in 1 to 2 business days if the order is placed before 4PM . However, depending on where you live, there are some areas that require extra times.

Go to Shipping times to calculate exactly when you will receive your moving supplies.
Note: You must order by 4PM EST for 1 to 2 day shipping to apply.

The following orders may result in delayed shipping:

  • Incorrect shipping address
  • Shipping address does not match billing address
  • Payment delay or issue
  • FedEx failure to deliver (e.g. severe weather conditions)

How can you ship so fast?

FedEx shipping is expensive, but we keep our costs low by shipping from warehouses throughout the country. This makes your delivery time faster and your boxes arrive in better condition (not after days and 1000’s of miles on a truck).

Do I need to be home when the boxes are delivered?

No, you do not need to be home when your box kit arrives. For your convenience we have most of our customers have FedEx just leaving the box on their doorstep.

Do you offer free shipping?

We are proud to offer free shipping on all orders over $35. Your discount moving boxes and supplies will be delivered via FedEx. We know you have enough to worry about on moving day; shipping costs won’t be one of them.

Do products arrive together?

Most of our products will be shipped together in one box or in bundled packages and will arrive at the same time. However, if the order is large (i.e. 2 or 3 or more box bundles and supplies) it may be shipped in more than one box, bundle, package or kit and thus your packages may arrive separately. If you log in to your account and see more than one tracking number listed for your order, expect to receive separate packages. On the FedEx website, you can also see the estimated delivery date for each package.

What if my moving supplies, boxes or related items were missing?

Your moving supplies are frequently included with your box bundles or box kits so be sure to check every package to see if your moving supplies are included in one of the box bundles, kits or packages. You will need to completely remove and separate all boxes to determine whether your supplies were included in you box bundles or kits. If after taking every box bundle completely apart and inspecting all bundles, packages and kit, please contact us for a replacement.

If the tracking information shows the order has been delivered and you can not locate your boxes, be sure to check everywhere — occasionally, carriers leave deliveries with neighbors, building managers, or places like your porch, garage, or even behind bushes. If there is no tracking information or the tracking information shows the item was returned to us, please contact us by email or phone. We may have the wrong shipping address, the driver may have unsuccessfully attempted delivery, or the carrier may have lost it.

If you were not home when the FedEx driver tried to drop off your packages, it’s up to the driver’s discretion whether to require a signature for delivery, drop the package off at your doorstep or to leave it with a building manager or doorman. If the driver believes it’s best to obtain a signature, he or she will try a few times to secure one. When a package is returned “undeliverable,” you should get a full refund unless it is determined that the order was improperly refused. Undeliverable orders will not be resent. You must place a new order to receive your items.

How do I get the exact date my order will arrive?

Upon Shipment, you will receive an email notification which will include your order’s Tracking numbers and a Link to tracking information on FedEx’s website. You can also keep track of you order’s status, from processing through delivery, by visiting My Account. To access your account, Log in using the email address and password you provided during checkout.


How do I return an order that I have already received or is defective?

Within 90 days of delivery of your order, you may return any merchandise that is in new condition including original packaging and accessories or merchandise found to be defective. We are currently unable to accept returns of opened items, or items returned more than 90 days after delivery date. Please log into your account under “My Account” or contact us at 1-855-552-6937 during regular business hours. Once your order has arrived back at our warehouse and has been verified, we will credit back the product cost (shipping will not be refunded unless a product was defective) within 90 days of delivery.

How do I report damaged or missing items in my order?

Please note, items may ship from different warehouse locations and may arrive at different times. You can check the status of each item in your order by logging into “My Account”. If you find you are missing items or your order has arrived damaged, please contact us within 48 hours of your delivery date via “My Account” and select Order Issue and complete a Customer Service Request or calling us at 1-855-552-6937.

Your moving supplies are frequently included with your box bundles or box kits so be sure to check every package to see if your moving supplies are included in one of the box bundles, kits or packages. You will need to completely remove and separate all boxes to determine whether your supplies were included in you box bundles or kits. If after taking every box bundle completely apart and inspecting all bundles, packages and kit, please contact us for a replacement.

What is your return policy?

Please review our Cancellations & Returns Policy link on the website for details. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we accept returns within 90 days. You will need to get approval by contacting our support team so that we can be sure you qualify for a refund. Please review our “Terms of Use,” page for any questions that you may have on our Refund Policy.


Should you need to cancel your order, please do so before 2pm EST on the day of placing your order, Monday through Friday (Except Holidays). Please call Customer Service at 855-552-6937 to do so. Weekend cancellations can be made via email at


Providing our customers with quality packaging supplies is our priority. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, a return may be made within 90 days of your delivery date. Returns must be made complete, no partials. It’s simple….use the carrier of your choice to return the product and upon receipt of your return, your account will be refunded accordingly.

Contact us for Return Authorization

Call 1-855-552-6937 for Return Authorization and further instructions. Send the item back to the ship from address on the package FedEx shipping label. If we are at fault, we will send you a FedEx ARS label to return the product free of charge. Call Customer Service at 1-855-552-6937 for the return label and for help obtaining a replacement item. Otherwise the customer will be responsible for shipping charges.

Address corrections

Please contact us immediately if you require an address correction. Call us at 1-855-552-6937 or email us at

Fedex delays

We are not responsible for FedEx weather or any other unforeseen shipping delays. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience due to delays in shipping. We try to be as prompt & give the best approximate shipping days when asked.

What is your return policy for same day placement of the order?

If you placed an order and want to cancel the same day, please call our customer service department ASAP and e-mail us that you wish to cancel.

Our warehouse will receive your e-mail and if your order has not been sent out, we will cancel your order and provide a full credit back to your account within 48 business hours.

However, if your order has already been shipped, you will be charged a $25 per shipping box fee for restocking, shipping and processing. Most kits are shipped in multiple boxes.

For multiple box shipments, this restocking fee applies to each shipping box. (The box kits are very heavy and shipping costs more than our restocking fee.) A credit will be issued to your account once we receive the boxes back in inventory, minus the restocking fee.

Price & Promotions

How can you afford to sell at such low prices?

We buy moving boxes by the 18-wheeler truck loads directly from a leading pulp & paper producer. No middleman. No expensive warehousing facilities or marketing programs. We pass the savings to you. We started selling direct to consumers and that’s the reason we can offer you quality boxes at very low prices. With millions of boxes delivered every year to our loyal business customers, we truly understand your need for timely delivery and quality product. Order from us and see the difference.

How are you able to sell quality moving boxes and supplies at such low rates?

Due to the large volume of business that we do, Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes, LLCs is able to buy in “bulk” and pass on the savings to you. With warehouses around the nation, we are able to decrease shipping costs and provide fast delivery.

Lastly, retail stores have a much higher overhead, do not specialize in moving boxes, and thus are often more expensive.

How do your prices compare to buying boxes in a store?

Our prices are less expensive than almost all retail stores and moving companies, PLUS we include shipping free of charge. The quality of the box is higher than that you would find in most retail stores, as all moving boxes are certified for use with moving and storing.

Why do moving companies cost so much more for boxes?

Moving companies are in the moving business. Most moving companies have small offices and large lots for their trucks. They are not designed to inventory thousands of boxes that they sell in bulk. As a result, the customer pays more.

Our Products & Packing

How many boxes do I need?

Every home, apartment and office is different. Based on our years of experience, we have developed several Moving Kits & Multi-Room Moving Kits based on an average home’s requirements. We also suggest you go room-by-room and work through our easy packing planner worksheet below to better understand how many and what size boxes you’ll need for your move.

How strong are your boxes?

Our boxes are made to precise standards from the strength and flute structure of each box to the specific sizing that allows our customers to take advantage of easy loading and proper stacking while moving or used for storage. In accordance with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper we use the process known as Edge Crush Test (ECT) to test the strength of our boxes. Another name for this known as 200lb test. This test meets all acceptable industry standards. Our boxes our formatted Length x Width x Height.

Are your boxes new?

Absolutely! All of our boxes are brand new and of the best quality.

How do I know how strong my box is?

All boxes have a certificate seal printed on the bottom flap by the manufacturer certifying the box’s strength. Industry standard Moving Boxes are 200lb test weight or 32 ECT. Larger boxes like Wardrobes or kitchen dish pack boxes Kitchen should have a higher test weight/strength. Also on the certificate you will find a capacity in weight that the box is designed to handle. Just because a box is large, doesn’t mean it can carry a lot of weight. Make sure to check box strength before you make a purchase to make sure they are adequate for your needs.

Why is box strength important?

Corrugated boxes come in all shapes, strengths and sizes – the stronger the box, the greater the protection for its contents. The moving industry is very competitive, but professional movers use moving boxes that are at least 32 ECT (or 200lb test) in strength. These ratings are standard from the box industry, and help insure that your household belongings will arrive safely. Weaker boxes will crush under load. No moving, truck rental or self storage company should sell a moving box weaker than 32 ECT (200lb test). There are some retailers that sell much weaker (by 46%) 150lb test boxes and calling them moving boxes. BEWARE! This box was actually designed for light-weight usage and should not be used for moving. The reason why box strength is so important is weaker boxes are much more like to compress when they are stacked; thereby creating damage to your property.

You will find many retail stores and online stores sell boxes that are NOT designed or good to use while moving or storing. BE VERY careful when looking at different boxes for moving and make sure they meet the 32ECT/200lb moving standards.

Buying quality moving boxes designed for moving is the best least expensive form of moving insurance there is.

Is size important?

Yes, size matters! But only in the sense of manageability. Many moving companies sell large boxes for use by large men and their large moving machines. Based on customer demand, our boxes are slightly smaller and more manageable. Most of our clients are self-movers, but either way, how you pack the box is as important as how large the box is. The number one cause of damage during a move is a box that is not fully packed. Empty space in a box creates trouble.

What is the Quality of your moving boxes?

All of our moving boxes are designed for moving and storing. These strong and sturdy moving boxes are certified with a 32 ECT (or 200 lb test) in strength, and some of the larger boxes like the wardrobe and kitchen boxes are even higher (44ECT).

32 ECT is what is recommended by the professional moving industry to help provide your valuables with the highest level of protection against moving damages.

How are the boxes made?

The box manufacturing process involves “converting” huge rolls of corrugated “kraftboard”, sometimes referred to as “linerboard” into boxes. It gets printed, then cut, then glued. They are then stacked on a pallet, banded, then loaded into a truck and sent to the customer. A box manufacturer’s quality control keeps flawed boxes from leaving their plant. The cuts, gluing and wall strength of our boxes is the exact same as everyone else’s.

Why not use grocery store boxes versus buying boxes?

Grocery store boxes are not certified or designed to be used for moving and storing. Typically used grocery store boxes are a moving companies worst nightmare.

Grocery store boxes do not stack well on a truck, many of them don’t have tops, and they have a much higher chance of compressing when boxes are stacked on top. This provides a much higher likelihood that your belongings will be damaged.

Lastly, most grocery store boxes or liquor boxes have been wet at one time, which degrades an already weak box for the use of moving

Can quality moving boxes make my move faster and save me money?

Yes they can. Quality moving boxes can be stacked on top of each other in the most efficient fashion in order to maximize the space on the truck and lessen the number of trips your movers will need to make with their dollies from your house to the truck.

Faster movers, means that you will save money on the cost of your move, particularly if you are paying by the hour.

Is it OK to use used boxes for moving?

Boxes do get weak when reused. Boxes get ruined when they get wet. One of the biggest concerns is the side of the box, where the seam is glued. Over time, this glue becomes unreliable. If you do use used boxes, you should inspect them carefully before packing. WE DO NOT SELL USED BOXES. For Shipping, regulations for carriers like FedEx prohibit the use of used boxes.

How do you choose the box sizes?

For our moving supplies and box supplies, we have taken the most popular sizes used in our years of moving and used these as benchmarks. See our Packing Tips Center to make sure you choose the right size to ensure good packing.

It seems like there are a lot of boxes in each kit. Why so many boxes?

Most people grossly underestimate how many boxes they will need. The fact is, when you move it requires a lot of moving boxes to pack a home.

Also, many people use the wrong sizes of corrugated boxes, boxes. It is better to use more small and medium sized boxes with moving (that is the standard of professional moving companies) so your items don’t rub together inside of the cardboard boxes and break, then fewer boxes that are huge.

How do you know how many boxes each size house needs?

The Moving Box Kits were based on many years in owning a moving company. With analysis and research, we found a common “average” of boxes used by consumers when moving that was surprisingly consistent.

Are your boxes made from recycled materials?

Yes. We only sell NEW boxes that are made from 20-30% recycled materials AND can be recycled again after you use them.

Are your boxes guaranteed?

Absolutely! If you purchase our moving supplies and packing supplies and are not satisfied, you can return them within (90) days of receipt for a refund. Please check “Our Guarantees” section under the Help Center on our home page located at for our policy concerning our guarantee.

Why is packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape included in some kits?

Once you pack your kitchen with packing paper, you will never want to pack any other way. It protects your dishes and is fast and easy to do.

Bubble wrap is ideal for small fragile items, and typically all households have some items like this that need special care.

Lastly, we include tape, because high quality tape is important to help make sure that your boxes are securely shut. Everything you need in a box!

What is the benefit of using packing paper for the kitchen, versus newspaper?

Kitchen packing paper is inkless and will not rub off on your dishes, pots or pans. It is much more sanitary and it is thicker, providing more protection for your valuable kitchen items.

What kinds of moving boxes do you offer?

We offer a variety of discount moving boxes in different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. In addition, we have wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, picture boxes, TV boxes, mattress bags and storage boxes to name a few. For a complete list, visit our moving boxes page.

How are moving boxes and storage boxes measured?

We measure the width of the roll by the length of the roll. This is similar to how we measure our packing tape, stretch wrap, poly twine, and other materials using a combination of units such as feet, yards, and inches.

What are complete moving kits?

Complete moving kits from Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes, LLCs are bundled together in the number of boxes you would typically need (1- to 10-room kits are available) with moving accessories like newsprint packing paper. Specialty kits contain boxes to handle special items.

What are the advantages of buying complete moving kits?

Since moving kits are preconfigured with the optimal moving products you need, they help you pack up your belongings safely and painlessly. We’ve estimated the number of boxes you need for up to a 10-room move, so there’s no need to scavenge for moving boxes. No need to remember small moving accessories either–kits include sealing tape, unprinted newsprint packing paper, bubble wrap, marking pens, and all of the essentials. As with our individual moving boxes, we’ll ship your complete moving kits to your home. Among our specialized offerings are bedroom moving kits and kitchen moving kits. You can learn more about our complete moving kits on our moving kits page.

Does your tape stick?

Yes. We only sell professional grade packing tape. Our tape is a premium tape used by professional movers to pack and seal your valuables. It is a higher quality tape than that available at most retailers. Our tapes aggressive adhesive ensures that it will stick to most surfaces, especially corrugated cardboard moving boxes.

Do you mattress bags have a zipper on them?

No. All of the mattress bags we sell are open on one end for easy insertion of your mattress or box spring. Simply fold over the excess mattress bag, tape closed utilizing packing tape. Carefully remove packing tape and store mattress bag for later use. Mattress Bags are also great for protecting and storing seasonal items.

Exactly how much packing material do I need?

Estimating your needs is not an exact science. Everyone has varying amounts of breakables and possessions of high value. Our packing paper is good for wrapping items to avoid scratching but if the item is delicate you will need to wrap it in bubble wrap. Lining the carton with bubble is also suggested for very fragile and valuable items.

How long in advance should I start packing?

It doesn’t hurt to get started early. When you start early it allows you to pack at your own pace, make sure everything is packed well and you are not rushed at the last minute. You can start packing now by ordering what you think you need. Since we ship FOR FREE and you are typically receiving your boxes the next one or two business day, you can always order more, if and when you need more.

What type of payments do you take?

We accept most major credit card and debit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

Where can I get assistance if I am a new customer?

Ordering is simple and easy. You can order 24/7 on our website at or by calling us at 1-855-55BOXES (1-855-552-6937) Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5pm EST.

If you wish to place an order via the website, you can browse for products on both the left and top navigation bars on virtually all web pages. Alternatively, you can enter search terms in the “SEARCH” space on the top navigation bar, also on all of our web pages. Once you would like to purchase a specific product, you enter the quantity and add it to your shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. If you have not created an account or logged in during this session, you will then be prompted to do so in order for us to determine whether you are a new or existing customer and then apply any customer discounts or existing credits you have in your account to your order.

You will then be taken to the shopping cart screen where you can enter any promotion or discounts codes, continue shopping or click on “Proceed to Checkout.” During the Checkout process, you will simply need to enter your shipping address, credit card information including your credit card billing address which may be different than the shipping address (via a secure payment process) and confirm your order. And you’re done-all set to receive your order within 1 to 2 business days!

How do I Cancel or change an order?

Once you place an order, you can log into your account, click on “My Account” and check the status of your order. You can cancel your order and obtain a refund at any time BEFORE we process the order to our warehouse. After we have processed the order, however, we unfortunately cannot cancel it.

In order to change an order after you have placed it, you must first cancel your order and then place a new order.

Will I recieve an Order Confirmation / Order Status?

After submitting your order, we will send an order confirmation to your email. If you don’t receive the confirmation within 10 minutes of your order submission, please check your junk email and spam blocker. You can also access your order confirmation under My Account. Your credit card won’t be charged until your order ships. Once the order ships, you will receive a notification that your order has shipped and that your credit card has been charged. We will also include an invoice and tracking information with your shipping notification. You will also receive tracking information and updates directly from FedEx Ground via email.

Contact Us

How can I contact you?

The Best Ways To Contact Us Are As Follows:

  • You can email us at:
  • Call Us Toll Free: 1-855-552-6937 during regular business hours.

Do you have a store location where I can purchase boxes? No, we do not have retail stores… they are too expensive to run and are not convenient for most people, and our prices would have to go up, just to stay in business like other retail stores!!! We provide the lowest price, the best customer service and FAST FREE delivery (Next One or Two Business Days) to our customers by shipping all of our boxes from one of our four distribution centers, via FedEx Ground. If you order before 4PM (EST), your boxes will be shipped the very same day and be delivered the next business via FedEx Ground. Why spend the time (and gas) to drive to a retail store and try to stuff boxes into your car, when our quality boxes are delivered to your door, for less.

Privacy & Security

Does Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes have a privacy policy?

Yes. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products and services. We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. We don’t sell or rent your personal information to third party companies.

We use the information we collect for various purposes, including:

  • to complete your purchase transactions
  • to send value-added offerings by mail or e-mail
  • to keep you informed about the status of your order
  • to improve our customer service, and overall shopping experience

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us as