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Kitchen Moving Boxes bundle of 8

Kitchen Dish Boxes

Pack of 8 Kitchen Boxes 18" x 18" x 22" Use Kitchen Moving Boxes to safely pack your dishware! Use our super-strong kitchen boxes and wrap your dishes and glassware in plenty of protective packing paper.
TV box kit

TV Box Kit

1 TV Box - Fits up to 70" TV NOTE: TV and monitor stands will need to be removed. This TV moving kit is NOT designed to be used for shipping or with rear projection TVs.
frame box with wrapped picture

Frame Boxes

Pack of 8 Frame Boxes 28" x 4" x 37" Use Frame Moving Boxes for large picture frames, paintings, mirrors. Typically, each heavy-duty frame box should handle two or three paintings, pictures or mirrors.

Large Picture Boxes

Pack of 3 Picture/Mirror Boxes 40" x 3.5" x 60" Use Picture Moving Boxes to safely pack your pictures, paintings, mirrors or wall art.

Lamp Boxes

Pack of 2 Lamp Boxes 20" x 20" x 36" Use Lamp Moving Boxes to protect expensive lamps from damage that can occur during moving.

File Boxes

Pack of 6 File Boxes
15" x 12" x 10"
Use Sotrage File Moving Boxes to pack and secure important papers and other documents.