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Tips and tricks on how you can make your life easier while moving!

Help Take the Stress Out of Moving with Children

Are you moving with kids? While moving is a lot less complicated for children than it is for grownups, it is equally stressful. Kids feel safe at home, in their own rooms and neighborhoods, with the school and friends they know. While the great unknown brings excitement, it can also bring out anxiety. Luckily, the steps below can help you make kids more comfortable with relocating. If you move a lot for the military or for a job that keeps you hopping, put these ideas on your moving checklist...


10 Ways to Save Money on Your Big Move

If you are moving to a new home, your pocket and wallet are probably feeling a little empty. You will have to put a down payment, closing costs and of course broker fees. The last thing that you are going to want is to have an expensive move. Luckily for you, we have some of the best tips to help you pack and save on your budget. If You, Do Not Need It, do not Pay to Move It When it comes to movers, their prices are based on weight and what you are going to me shipped to the next location. So,...


How to Moving Your Fish Aquarium to Your New Home

If you have a fish tank it can be a daunting task. In this how-to, we dive into moving your fish tank into your new home without damaging the tank or hurting your fish. Just think that if you need to move the fish tank just a couple of inches can be a challenge, now you must move it into a new home. This is not a piece of furniture that you and some strong people can just lift a carry. The fish inside will need special care, and the tank will need to be moved safely to prevent any cracks or...


The Best Moving Out of State Checklist You Will Ever Need

So, you have decided to move. And you are not just moving down the street, but you are moving across state lines. This means you are going to be away from your family and friends, and the life you may have known for months or even years. No matter how relaxed you are in your daily life, it is about to become frantic and stressful. That is why here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes we are here to help you create that checklist for moving out of state, to minimize your stress levels and to make your...


How to Pack and Move Your Home in Two Weeks

There is not a person out there that looks forward to moving, well at least the packing and hauling of all your belongings. Every part of the moving process can be taxing and very overwhelming. For the most part, the process of moving must happen while juggling multiple other responsibilities and the daily grind of our lives. This may include kids, pets, and full-time jobs. There is just no getting around it. The most important part about moving and packing is to have a plan of attack and...


6 Helpful Tips for Storage Units

Do you have an upcoming move? Is it starting to stress you out? Would a storage unit help with some of the that stress? A storage unit can provide a secured place for your items during a move. One bonus of a storage unit is that you will be able to stage your house for selling a lot easier. You will be able to store items that you will not need or add a bit of an eye sore to your home. Not everyone is going to need a storage unit for when they are moving. But sometimes, move out and move in...


How Long does it Take to Move?

There are several elements that will influence how long it will take to move your home or apartment. You will need to ask yourself these questions: Are you buying or renting?Will you need to sell your home or end a lease?How much stuff are you planning on taking with you? If you are selling your home, some states can close real estate transactions faster than others. Then it comes to the moving companies, some can be quicker than others, but speed is not always a good thing. Despite all the...


Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Everyone knows that moving can very stressful and taxing physically and mentally. Moving while pregnant, however, is a whole new beast. Pregnancy can make everything more difficult, and of course moving is no exception. If you must move, you must move. Cheap Cheap Moving boxes talked with customers that were pregnant during their move to get some firsthand tips and advice on what to do and what not to do. Do not Move The number one way to save the stress is to not move at all, try to postpone...


How to Pack Your Antique Furniture and Fine Art

Rare and high-quality items such as antiques and fine art need specialty care when moving. You do not want to pack these items as you would pack everything else. A process is required for each of these. In this article you will learn tips on how to move fine art, antiques, and assessing custom crating. Moving Fine Art Moving art can be tricky. With the finer pieces of art, your attention to detail and care may simply not be enough. With the right know how, moving wall art is generally a...


How to Move Your Master Bedroom

Moving the master bedroom in any home will always be a task, maybe not as bad as the kitchen, but can be very time consuming. This is where a lot of your personal items in this area that when you are moving you want to ensure get to your new place in pristine condition. Some of the items that will be coming out of this room will include your bed, wardrobe, and other nice items like TVs, lamps, and more. Here is the best way to move your master bedroom. Your Clothes Your wardrobe and closets are...


7 Tips for Moving Your Business or Office Space

The company you work for is moving either into a larger building due to growth or to a smaller building due to downsizing. A lot of the times employees can be excited for the upcoming move but are dreading the chaos that moving a business entail. Either way, you will want to plan out the move and make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Here are 7 Valuable Tips for a Successful Business Move Create A Moving Plan When it comes to moving an office, there is no such thing as being to...


How to Organize and Pack Your Bathroom for the Big Move

You are preparing for your move into your new house and starting to plan on where to start packing. Or you may have already started and now are in your bathroom wondering where to start. To start off with do not just cram everything into a couple of boxes, there is a method to the madness when it comes to packing up your bathroom. When packing your bathroom, you will want to start by sorting, then purging and lastly organizing. You may notice that some of your shampoo bottles only have a couple...

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