Tips for Using Moving Blankets

The daunting process of moving day is slowly creeping up, and soon everything will be carried and packed into your moving truck. You have already purchased all your moving supplies and boxes. The last thing you need to purchase are your moving blankets. This is help ensure that all your valuable furniture, TVs, and tables make it to your new home safely.

What Moving Equipment Should I use for the Move?

First things first, you should have all your moving supplies and moving boxes purchased and ready for the move. Everyone forgets something, so do not get stressed if there is an item that you need to go back and purchase or sometimes you just did not buy enough supplies. Remember its better to have too many as to have not enough. You should get all your moving supplies early, so that you are not scrambling last minute.

Here are just some of the must have moving supplies you will need for your move:

  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Moving Blankets

Why should I use moving blankets?

You do not want to open the back door of your moving truck and find that your items and valuables are damaged or broken. Furniture and boxes can move in your truck during transport, causing damage, scratches or just break. Imagine starting to unload your truck and you notice some boxes that shifted during transport and your dining table now has a huge scratch from end to end. This happens a lot when people do not use moving blankets.

Therefore, we recommend anyone that is moving to purchase moving blankets. They are a thick cotton-polyester that is made specifically for moving. They aid in the protection of furniture, pictures, and mirrors no matter how big or small. Extremely durable and long lasting. You will be able to use them over and over. They can also be multi-purposed.

These blankets are not just needed for the truck. Damage can occur when moving the item throughout the home or to and from the truck. Keep the moving blanket on all furniture and other valuable until it is in its final resting spot. If you are storing your furniture, keep the moving pads on so that it will be protected from shifting objects and dust and debris.

What type of Blankets should I get?

When choosing blankets and/or pads it can be a tough decision. On, we offer four different types of blanket: Textile, Pro, Deluxe, and Supreme. All companies that selling moving supplies may call them something different. They are usually all the same, simply different names.

You will notice that all blankets are rated by weight. Such as, the Pro Blankets are 35 lb. blankets, this is the weight of the blankets per dozen. The heavier the pad dozen means they are meant for heavier items which offers them better protection. For your dressers and kitchen tables you will want to use heavier blankets, whereas pictures or mirrors you will want to use the lighter of blankets. You never want to wrap your wooden furniture and tables with bubble wrap or packing paper. This can lead to unwanted scratches and minor damage.

Now the question is how many blankets do I need? We recommend using 6 per bedroom and 12 for kitchens, dinning rooms, and family rooms. The number of blankets can be larger depending on the amount of furniture. This is just a good rule of thumb to start.

Once I move, how do I store the moving blankets?

Now that you are done with your move, you will want to store your moving blankets properly. You may wash the blankets on a gentle/delicate cycle. Do not wash them with other items or clothing. Wash with cold water. Blankets must be hung dried. You may place them in the dryer once they are dried to fluff them up. Place them in the dryer on the lowest to no heat setting. Do not keep them in the dryer longer than 2 minutes.

When placing in storage make sure to keep them off the floor. Keep them stored in a warm dry place. Keep away from water or any moisture. If they are prolonged to water or moisture this can cause them to weaken in structure or have the possibility of mold.

Taking proper care of your moving blankets will help them last a long time. Just like anything else if you do not properly take care of them, it can cause damage and shorten their lifespan.