Top Mid-Size Cities to Move to in Texas

No one wants to spend hours of the day sitting in gridlock traffic. Well, this is a reality for a lot of Americans, especially Houston, Texas. There are some up and coming suburbs just outside the city that might be worth checking out.

If you are looking for a mid-sized city, then there are three Houston-area suburbs that may catch your attention. These include Pearland, Sugar Land, and League City. This data was collected by SmartAssest’s Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities 2020 Edition.

Other cities in Texas made the list such as just outside of Austin, Round Rock made it in the top ten. Well, they are not the only that made the list, other cities include Frisco, Allen, Lewisville, McKinney, and Mesquite.

“Americans are seeking less crowded and a lower cost of living alternative to the big cities. They are not looking for small towns but looking to put their ruts down in mid-sized cities,” according to SmartAssest. “There is a slight chance that they mid-sized cities suit the needs of everyone. That’s why we studied the numbers with a variety of financial factors to find the most livable ones.”

SmartAssest compared 227 cities throughout eight different metrics, this included, housing costs, poverty, household income, home value change in four years, unemployment, commute time, and uninsured residents.

Are you going to be a first-time homebuyer? Well then look no further than Pasadena, Texas. They are one of the top cities for first-time homebuyers. While other Houston suburbs are ranking in the top for amazing places to live and to buy a home. Sugar Land is known for being the top Texas city with best cost of living.

The median household income for these Texan mid-sized cities all were over $100,000. Sugar Land’s income was around $127,589 compared to Pearland which was around $106,757. League city fell in the middle of those two at $115,650 for their median household income.