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Combo Moving Box Kit

Combo Value Kit (COMBO-K)

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Our Combo Moving Kit contains the perfect mix of boxes for a small move (1-2 Rooms, 1 Bedroom Apartment). Kit Includes: 12 Medium Moving Boxes + 4 Large Moving Boxes + 4 Small Moving Boxes + 1 Roll Of Tape + 1 Black Marker 4 Small Moving Boxes –...
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I unfortunately had a situation where I needed to emergently move in 2 weeks. I was excited to see I could get boxes so quickly and cheap when I came across this website. I would soon realize that was a mistake.

I ordered the boxes on a Saturday, with an estimated delivery of Wednesday. I scheduled our movers for Thursday. The only form of communication I received was 1 email confirming my order.

On Monday I checked that tracking which said it was not available yet.

Tuesday I realized I had still not received a shipping notification, so I called the helpline and was informed all of my boxes, except the picture boxes, would be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I still had not received any form of communication regarding shipping, so around noon I called the helpline again, and was informed NO boxes would be delivered until tomorrow, Thursday.

I began to work on figuring out another plan because I had only Wednesday to get my apartment completely packed.

When I called back 2 hours later to cancel the order, I was informed the packages had already shipped and therefore I would "break even" in cancellation charges.

I pointed out to the customer service agent, that there had been zero email communication and that every time I called in I was given differing information regarding the shipping status of my order.

In the end, my order was cancelled, and I was NOT refunded thanks to lackluster communication and customer service.

Thanks for making my emergent move more difficult, much appreciated.