9 Curb Appeal Tips You Can Do Yourself

If you make an ugly face at the thought of your house’s curb appeal, it might be time to do some DIY home improvements. Remember this is the first impression that any potential homebuyer will have, you will want to make your home as inviting as possible. We have asked the experts and here are 10 DIY home improvements you can do to wow your buyers.

Walk Around Your Home

The most popular walk for any homeowner is from the house to your mailbox or the garage into your home. The mall details are what the homebuyers’ eyes turn to first. These details are landscaping, walkways, grass, front entry, lighting, and the overall exterior appearance. Take the time and walk completely around your home and take any notes of the areas that may need attention.

We recommend standing across the street as if you were just walking or looking at your home for the very first time. This is how any homebuyer will first look upon your home, why not get the same picture. Takes notes on any landscaping that may need to be trimmed, look at your mailbox. Next check to see if there are any cracks in your sidewalk or driveway.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Just think how much one gallon of paint can go, it can make a huge difference in curb appeal for your home. Be bold and choose a strong color that will make your home stand out from all the other houses on the block. Make sure whatever color that you are going to use abides by your Homeowners’ Association regulations if you do have one. Using some contrasting colors on your home’s trim and doors.

This can be a time-consuming fix, but it is very affordable. The average gallon of exterior house paint is about $25 per gallon. Put aside at least 2-3 days to complete this project.

Plant a Tree

One of the easiest ways to add more curb appeal to your home is by planting new trees and bushes in your yard. This will add life and longevity to your home. It will also make your house feel more welcoming to potential homebuyers.

Plant one or two trees that will frame the house or the entryway. Planting trees can take a couple of hours and you can find younger saplings for around $50.

Flower Boxes

A great way to bring color to your home is with flowers. Add flower boxes to your home’s windows and/or front porch. This will bring a lot of curb appeal and wonderful colors. Flower boxes are relatively cheap. Of course, you will need to purchase the soil and the flowers. Make sure to water your flowers and maintain them so your house looks top quality while it is for sale.

Ensure Walkways and Sidewalks are clean

One of the most overlooked parts of your home is the sidewalks and driveways. These are often referred to as “hardscapes”. Use a pressure washer to give your hardscapes a good cleaning. This will give them a new fresh new look. It is amazing what a little cleaning will do for your driveway and walkways. Also check any paving stones or steppingstones and make sure that they are firmly placed. This will ensure safety for your walkways.

Visit Home Improvement Stores for Advice

It can become easy to be overwhelmed with improving your home’s outdoor surroundings and landscaping. There are so many different types of plants and shrubbery varieties to choose from. Many will thrive in your geographic location but pay attention to the amount of sunlight each one will need. Visit your local nursery for advice and what will work in your specific areas and space.

You can also hire a landscaper for getting the work done but doing it on your own will save a lot more money. Do not be afraid to ask for help when choosing the right plants, how to fertilize, and how to lay down mulch or gravel. There is a lot of information out there for you that you can find in your local home improvement stores or online.

Light Up the Exterior

New light fixtures can upgrade the look of your home. When buying new light fixtures make sure to consider the function of them as well as the style. You will want to have adequate light for your front entryway. Make sure to choose fixtures that mount the same way as the ones you are replacing, to make installation quick and easy.

Create an Inviting Front Entryway

Once you have done all the others on the list, it is time to make your front entryway the most inviting for potential homebuyers. This will include porch, door, railings, and stairs. All of these should be inspected and repaired if needed.

A new fresh coat of paint or wood stain on your front porch can go a long way. Replace your door handles and any other metal finish. Spruce up your outdoor furniture with new cushions and a new welcome mat.

Add New House Numbers

Nothing is worse than potential homebuyers not being able to find your house. If the house numbers are faded or simply hard to see or are out of style from all the other work you have done, then purchase some new ones to boost your curb appeal.

Look for modern numbers made from brass, aluminum, or steel. If possible, try to match your house numbers to the style and color of your lighting fixtures.