How to Pack Your Boxes

If you’re packing boxes for moving, don’t just throw your contents in the box. Pack the boxes carefully. You will want to make sure that when unpacking that all your items and valuables have arrived in one piece and not broken. Here are the best tips that will teach you how to pack boxes for moving.

Packing a Moving Box

  1. Gather necessary moving supplies
  2. Sort items by room and contents
  3. Fill the moving box almost to the top
  4. Take extra time wrapping valuables and fragile items
  5. Tape or staple and label each box

Gather Necessary Packing Supplies

One of the biggest mistakes that people do when moving is using used or old boxes. A lot of times people will go to grocery stores and ask for empty boxes. These boxes contained food products and produce, which can damage the integrity of the box. Old boxes are prone to collapsing due to them being moved, folded, and/or may have damages to them. Old boxes can even be contaminated with unwanted pests such as spider or other bugs and even mold. Invest in actual moving boxes.

Other supplies to have:

Packing Tape
Labels and markers
Packing paper or bubble wrap

Sort Items by Room and Contents

When planning to pack your home, you should come up with a plan of attack on how to pack each room. You will want to pack each room separately. Pack up one small area of that room at a time. You will want to pack like-items together. Making sure the items are of similar size, shape, and weight.

Fill the Moving Box Nearly to the Top

For non-fragile items, fill every space. Keep in mind not to make the boxes to heavy. You will be carrying these items to your truck or van, and it can be a long walk with a heavy box. Boxes that aren’t full might collapse in on themselves when stacked on top of each other. Add packing paper or bubble wrap if you have before you seal.

When packing your fragile items you are going to want to have at least 2 inches of packing paper or bubble wrap on all sides of the boxes. This will ensure the best protection for your items.

Take Extra Time Wrapping Valuable and Fragile Items

Taking the time to wrap your valuables and fragile items properly can make a huge difference. You will want to have this items survive the move and transportation. It’s better to over pack fragile items than to under pack. Put dishes and plates their sides, never flat. If you stack cups and bowls, place packing paper or bubble wrap in between.

Seal and Label Each Box

When a box is filled, seal the box with packing tape or packaging staples.

The best way to tap your box is to apply tape along the box top with the flaps. Then apply tape across the top against the flaps. This helps prevent the box from collapsing in on itself, and protect your belongings.

Make sure to label each of the boxes with the room it belongs to and the items or contents. This will not only help you but will make it more efficient for movers, if you have hired a moving crew.