How to Organize and Pack Your Bathroom for the Big Move

You are preparing for your move into your new house and starting to plan on where to start packing. Or you may have already started and now are in your bathroom wondering where to start. To start off with do not just cram everything into a couple of boxes, there is a method to the madness when it comes to packing up your bathroom. When packing your bathroom, you will want to start by sorting, then purging and lastly organizing.

You may notice that some of your shampoo bottles only have a couple a use left. There may also be other items that you no longer use or need. Start packing early with items that you know you will be bringing with you but are not going to need them in the next couples of days or weeks.

Step 1: Sort Your Belongings

When you are packing, just like any other room, you will need to sort out your belongings. This will help you get a realistic picture on everything that you have and what you will be taking with you. It will also help you select the correct number of moving boxes and moving supplies needed. Separate your belongings into categories.

Basic Categories for Your Bathroom

  1. Appliances and accessories
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Feminine and paper products
  4. Hair products
  5. Medications
  6. Towels and linens
  7. Cleaning supplies

If you separate items into these categories, you will already be ahead of the games. You will be able to look at each item and see what is worth keeping, donating, or just putting into the trash.

Step 2: Purge Items

Nearly depleted shampoo bottles, grimy soap, and nearly empty toilet paper rolls are not worth packing and taking up needed space in your boxes.

Appliances and Accessories

Do you have a pile of curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners? Do you have accessories that you no longer use? Take an inventory of all your accessories and bathroom appliances. Test them to make sure they work. Decide what is necessary to bring with you to your new home and donate or trash the rest.


If your bathroom is anything like mine, your partner has more than enough makeup and cosmetic products everywhere. It is time to go through all of it and throw away any broken, dried out, old, or rarely used products.

Paper and Feminine Products

You should not have to throw any of these products away unless it is an empty box or roll. Plus, these items are light and will not cost much if you need to have them replaced. Make sure none of the products have come into contact with moisture, if they have then its time for them to meet the trash can.

Hair Products

If you have any hair products that are empty or you just do not use it anymore, throw it away. Some hair products can get expensive and feels like it is a waste of money to just throw away a bottle of hair gel, but if your moving company charges by weight, it will start to add up.

If you have a supply of unopened conditioners, shampoos, or any other liquid products, you need to ask yourself if it will add to the cost of shipping your items or just buy new products when you get to your new place. If it will add an extra cost to ship the products, consider donating them to a local homeless shelter or women’s shelter.


This is the perfect time to clear out that medicine cabinet. Dispose any medications that follow these guidelines:

  • Expired
  • Label is illegible or missing.
  • Ineffective
  • Appearance or smell has changed.
  • No longer needed.

It is important to dispose of medications correctly. Do not flush them in your toilet, this can introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. Do not throw them in the trash, people can have access to your trash. Take all unused medications to a local hazardous waste facility.

Towels and Linens

If any of your towels, rags, or shower curtain have holes, rips, tears or wear, its time to throw them out. Do not throw them out right away, you can use them to clean your house before you move out.

Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals

It is time to clean out all those cleaners and chemicals you may have under your bathroom sink or in a bathroom cabinet. Some cleaners and chemicals can emit toxic gases when mixed, DO NOT mix them to be able to keep them. Additionally, you are only able to use certain types of cleaners on specific surfaces.

If you have extra paint, make sure to touch up your walls, then dispose of the extra paint.

Moving Tip: Moving companies are not able to transport paint, ammonia, varnishes, bleach, or any other household cleaners. You will want to dispose these chemicals, cleaners, and paints with your unused medications at a local hazardous material facility.

Step 3: Pack

Before you pack anything in your bathroom, make sure everyone, including yourself, has packed an essentials bag. This bag should include:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair products that are used daily.
  • Deodorant
  • Cosmetics and makeup
  • Shampoo and conditioners
  • Toilet paper
  • Any other items that are used on a daily basis.

How to Pack Toiletries

  • Wrap all unopened bottles containing a liquid in plastic wrap or put them into a sealed plastic bag.
  • Line the moving boxes with towels and linens if you are placing appliances and accessories, hair products or toiletries.
  • Wrap any fragile items in spare towels, packing paper, or bubble wrap. Make sure to label all boxes containing fragile items.
  • Pack towels and other linens in large moving boxes.
  • Label all boxes.

If you follow all the steps above, the packing of your bathroom will be smooth and stress free. If you have any questions on the type of boxes or moving supplies needed, contact Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes and one of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help.