How to Unpack Your Moving Boxes

Now that the move is over the tedious process of unpacking begins

You or movers have unloaded the last box off the truck. Usually that comes with a sigh of relief, but in the back of your mind you are thinking about the long process of unpacking. Now its time to create another checklist. We have some unpacking tips for you, which will help speed up the process of unpacking all those moving boxes.

At least this is the last part of the move. If you follow these steps it will go quickly, you just need to approach it in an organized manner.

1. Label Rooms

You should have labelled most of your boxes when you started the process of moving. Now in the new home or apartment, you should label the rooms. There will be no second guessing where those boxes are going. Doing this will really help speed up the process and locate the boxes in the appropriate rooms.

2. Use Closet Space

Organize the boxes in each room. Put boxes in the closets so that you do not obstruct walkways. The last thing you want is to be tripping over them while carrying boxes. Put them in the closet will be temporary solution. This also makes it easier to bring furniture into the room. You will have the open space to put together items that had to be taken apart.

3. Unpack the Necessities First

When you originally packed, you should have packed a couple of boxes that contain all the essentials that will tide you and your family over for a couple of days. This box may include work clothes, essential bathroom supplies, your daily hygiene products, medications, and snacks. I know when I moved, I packed a kitchen box with essentials like a couple of pots and pans, ingredients to make quick meals, and utensils. These should always be the first boxes you unpack.

4. Clean Before Unpacking Your Moving Boxes

This may seem like another unwanted task, but it needs to get done. You do not have to do a deep clean. We suggest that you give counters, bathrooms, and anywhere you are going to be placing items a quick wipe down. It is much easier to do a good wipe down at the start then having to come back later and move or shuffle boxes and items around.

5. Build and Make Beds

Any furniture that needs to be put back together; we suggest you do this before unpacking those pesky boxes. Once you put your bed back together, move it to the position in the room you want. Then you can bring in dressers, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture. Then find your box that contains your bed’s linens. Go ahead and make your bed. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment. You will only have the boxes left to unpack.

6. Unpack One Room at a Time

Just like you packed your rooms in the previous home, you will want to unpack each room one at a time. This will make it easier and less stressful. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen are usually the best place to start. I have always started with the bedrooms and then move to the bathrooms. Those are what I believe to be the most important rooms. You want somewhere to lay your head down after a busy day and you will want to shower after all the hard work.

7. Time to Unpack the Kitchen

Getting takeout is easy and quick, but it can get expensive, especially if you are eating out more than twice. Therefore, this should be unpacked right after your bedrooms/bathrooms. And usually this is one of the time-consuming rooms to unpack. You must organize the spice rack, pantry, fridge, and cabinets. It can get messy with unwrapping your dishes and glassware. You will have a lot of recyclable paper piling up quick. Make sure to unpack the appliances that you typically use daily. Remember you do not have to completely organize everything at the start, you can always go back to do that later.

8. You Do not Have to Be a Perfectionist at the Start

You do not have to unpack and organize right then and there. Yes, for some it can trip their OCD, but let it be at the start. The items will shift around your home many times before you find the perfect spot and position, and that is OK. Do not put that amount of stress on yourself.

9. Save Décor and Pictures for Last

Unless you have a well thought out floorplan and/or blueprint for where everything is going right away, you may want to consider décor and pictures to be the last items you put up. No reason to put a nail hole in the wall when you are not sure that the picture will be staying in that spot. Some décor may be fragile and breakable, why take the chance of bumping or knocking it over and causing damage.

10. Leave Some Boxes Packed

Remember not everything needs to be unpacked right away. Areas such are your garage and laundry room can remain packed. Just like pictures and décor, these areas will be some of the last to unpack. It may be the next day or it can be a week away from unpacking. I am quite sure I still have boxes packed in my garage, and I moved 2 months ago.

11. Get Your Kids Involved

Your kids can be vital in the unpacking, or they can just get in the way. Make unpacking a game, give them incentives and prizes as they help to unpack. Those empty boxes later can be used to make forts and other imaginative items. Get creative with them, this will make unpacking fun for them.

12. Get Rid of All Unused Boxes

Break down the boxes or put them in an area out of the way if you might need them later. Cardboard boxes can be recycled and reused. A lot of times people will put them on social media for free to others that are moving. This is one of the best ways to unload your moving boxes and to clear up space.

13. Clean Up Areas that have been Unpacked

Most people try to keep clutter to a minimum while unpacking, sometimes clutter does buildup and can create a mess. Take the time to clean up this clutter. This can be packing paper that was just thrown after unwrapping plates or other valuables. You may have some stray moving boxes here and there, put them aside and use them for donation boxes.

Moving is not easy and can be very time consuming. Follow these tips and it will help to make unpacking quick and less stressful. After you are all done kick your feet up and enjoy a good movie and pizza, you deserve it. Enjoy your new home!