Tips on How to Pack Electronics

Compared to your fragile antique, dishes or glassware, electronics are usually packed in a more careless fashion. Computers and gaming consoles have rugged cases to protect them from everyday wear, but they do require special care when packing them away in a box. When you purchase them, they are packaged for transportation and to be moved around in the store.

Don’t damage your most expensive possesions!

1. Make Sure to backup all data and files

cloud computer storage

It’s always important with computers and laptops to backup all data and files. If any damage does happen during the move, then you have everything that was on them.

2. Remove all batteries


Before you move any electronics, remove all batteries in remotes and accessories. Battery corrosion can wreak havoc on electronic components. They contain an acid which if it breaks and leaks can cause considerable damage.

3. Take out any loose media

computer CD or DVD

Check all your electronics for loose media, such as DVDs, CDs, and game cartridges. Overtime this media can deform if left in the machine. They may also shift during your move and can cause the electronic not to open or not eject the media properly.

4. Detach wires and all accessories

electronic cables

Doing this will protect your electronics from prolonged metal to metal contact, which can cause problems over time. Also tangled wires are never fun to undo once you want to set everything up. Even though this may feel like a time-saver, it really is not.

5. Use original packaging if possible

sony playstation packaging

Experts recommend saving all original packaging for electronics. They contain pre-shaped foam or cardboard pieces and custom inserts. Companies have designed their packaging to protect and make sure it stays secure.

Also the original packaging can help in resale value, especially collectible items.

6. Pick the right moving box if you do not have the original package

virtual reality in moving box

If you no longer have the original boxes for your electronics, use a large enough box with packing supplies on all sides.

You will want to have at least two inches of packing paper, bubble wrap or anything similar.

7. Add silica gel packets to the box

silica moisture absorbers

During your move, moisture may get into the moving truck, vehicles or storage unit. Add packages of silica gel or Dri It pouches to absord excess moisture, before it builds up on your electronics.

8. Protect fans from dust

computer cooling fans

Wrap computer monitors and TVs with a protective layer of bubble wrap. Also use tape over fan and vents to prevent particles like dust from getting into the unit. If these type of particles get in during moving it may cause damage or an electrical fire when turned on for the first time.

9. Use moving blanket or TV boxes

flat screen tv box kit

Since flat screen televisions do not fit it your normal everyday moving boxes, you can purchase TV boxes for the correct size television. If you do not have access to these style boxes you can use moving blankets to wrap around them and to give them some extra padding during the move. Never store or move with your flat screen tv flat or stacked. This may cause unnecessary damage and permanent damage to the screen.