2 Cities in Arizona Made Lowest Cost of Living List

The pandemic has caused many issues throughout the country, and tightening your budget is one of them. Most people are looking to cut costs anywhere they can. One of the trends that we are beginning to see is that people are looking for cheaper places to live, not just homes and apartments, but moving out of state. Here in Arizona, two cities have made the top 10 lowest cost of living list.

Move.org has release its annual lowest cost of living list, in which Tucson and Mesa were on it. Tucson came in as the 4th lowest, while Mesa came in on the list at number 8. Some of the biggest factors for Tucson were monthly gas bill, food cost per person, utilities, internet, and rent. The cost of food person is around $300 a month. The average combination of utilities, rent, and internet is ranging around $1,498. Those numbers are just behind Lincoln, Nebraska, El Paso, Texas, and Wichita, Kansas.

Mesa seemed to follow not to far behind averaging around $1,564. Some bills are a little higher in Mesa, which brought it to the number 8 spot. Both cities are well below the average cost of living in Phoenix, which averages $2,000. Phoenix still was on the list for least-expensive, but it came in at number 33 on the list.

Map Of Lowest To Higest Living Costs In 2020

Here is a break down of the two cities

  1. Tucson, AZ
    • Utilities – $236.44
    • Internet - $69.14
    • Monthly Gas – $114.32
    • 1-bedroom Apartment – $780.91
    • Food/person – $297.54
    • Total – $1,498.35
  2. Mesa, AZ
    • Utilities – $153.19
    • Internet – $70.00
    • Monthly Gas – $142.52
    • 1-bedroom Apartment – $905.45
    • Food/person – $293.52
    • Total – $1,564.68

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