8 Ideas For A Smooth Long-Distance Move

You have just bough a new house in another state are are preparing to make a long-distance move. We all know that turning on utilities one of the first steps to do at the new location and filling out the postal service’s change-of-address form. When making a long-distance move, some surprises may pop up and be unexpected that can make it bit more tricky. We are here to help and here are some tips and tricks to make your long-distance move run as smoothly as possible.

1. Make Sure to Use All Space in the Moving Van or Truck


When you start your packing, we recommend you go through everything. Pick what is a must have, love it, or I can donate this. This will save space in the moving truck and will save you money. Remember long-distance moves are based on weight. The more you pack in the truck, the more expensive your move will be. Moving cross-country can be expensive so making the most of your truck’s space is important.

Leave Drawers Filled

This may seem as a no brainer, but you just said that long-distance moves are based on weight. Do not pack your drawers with heavy items like books. Keep lightweight items packed. You are now already saving money due to the use of less moving boxes and you have given your truck more storage.

Soft items in Trash Bags

No Need to pack items such as stuff animals and bedroom linens in boxes. You can use heavy-duty black trash bags to store these types of items for your move. Make sure to label these bags so that you or anyone else mistakes them as actual trash bags.

2. Paint Before the Move

Sometimes your new home needs a fresh coat of paint. Painting your new home before you move any furniture or other items is smart. Aside from the obvious, meaning that it is easier to paint when all the rooms are empty. Not only will you be able to check something of your pre-move checklist, but you will feel more accomplished and excited for you move. We recommend making a checklist that can all be done before you move into your home. If you have any work in smaller spaces or on floors make sure to put them on this list and get them done before you move anything in. While you’re at it, there may be other possibly messy, troublesome items on your list, getting these items done and removing them from your checklist will possibly be a big help before moving day.

3. Sign-up for Services

Moving to a new area may have more or less services to choose from such as phone, cable, and internet. If you have multiple options it is always in your best interest if you ask neighbors, family or friends how these services are before committing to one. You might find that your favorite service company from before great back at the previous area but has horrible service at your new home. Or you might find that at the new place a landline is a necessity, even though you did not need a landline at your old house because using only cellphones was the best option.

4. Put Houseplants on Move-in List

You may not think that purchasing houseplants for your new home is a priority, but don’t deter to put off buying them for your new home. Houseplants help keep air fresh and clean. Did you repaint or put new flooring in your house? Do you have the paint smell or other smells? Plants are a great way to clean the air. Not only will they take the smell away faster, but they will make your new home feel more like home.

5. Treat yourself

You may not feel “settled” in right away, remember it can take time to adjust. Plan to have some extra time to handle this new part of life. The move can be rougher on kids and other family members. Go out and explore the new area. Find the local ice cream parlor, pizza place, and movie theater. Treat your children to fun activities such as mini golf or go karts. This will help improve everyone’s morale and spirits.

6. Expect Roadblocks and Meltdowns

It’s hard to move, that’s just the fact jack, but it’s especially hard to move long distances. It means leaving friends, schools, jobs and maybe family behind, and entering a great new, unknown place. Even though the new place sounds great, emotional breakdowns and meltdown moments are an entirely natural reaction to a big life shakeup. Then get yourself up and find something fun in your new town to explore or do.

7. Expect to Shed More Things

No matter how much cleaning and organizing you do before moving, there seems to always be a simple law of nature that items will simply not fit into the new space. Even if you’ve taken the time to give away stuff, every home has its nuances and those nuances are demanding new things. Just because everything fits, does not mean that work in the new home. Don’t try to hold on to things purely in frustration. You can always sell this items on online marketplaces or donate them to your local Goodwill. Only keep them if you have the space to store them.

8. You May Need to Purchase New Items

Maybe your previous kitchen had a large island with plenty of room to prepare cooking and stools to pull up for meals, but the new kitchen has huge empty space in the room which now requires a kitchen table and chairs. Always plan that you may need to purchase new items for your home, because not everything is going to fit the new home. Just like we said before above you may need to get rid of old items and replace them with more space efficient items.

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