15 Home Quarantine Projects to Tackle While Home

When you're spending most of your time at home, you can start getting a little tired of the same old some old. Why don't you do something productive with your living space if you will be stuck there for some time? These home projects can be anything you don't have an excuse to put off from giving your space a good deep cleaning to taking action on some fun redecorating ideas you've been kicking around for what looks like for ever.

1. Build a Window Box

Glass Doctor president Brad Roberson says building a window box is a quick and simple way to "add curb appeal" to your home. There are many guides and videos on how to build a window box. One of the best benefits, no more bending over to do your gardening, it will all be within reach.

2. Change Photos in Frames

Everyone has the photo frames that haven't been updated in years. Well now that you are spending so much time at home why not update them. This could be the little be of change you are looking for.

"I've ordered mine for local pickup, but others can send the photos directly to their home." says Chris Michaels of Frugal Reality. They took the time to replace their photos in frames and they also went through their digital picture frames.

3. Kitchen Gardens

You can start a small garden with some items that you have in your kitchen. We are talking about beans and peas. These are great introductory plants. They are easy to grow and can be done in one growing season. Beans and peas grow vertically, which is a great way to save on space and maximize a small garden plot.

4. Cabinet Knobs

If you're looking to make a simple, personalized change to your home, Alessandra Wood, Modsy's style vice president, recommends changing the hardware on your drawers and cabinets. Visit your local hardware store or shop online for many different styles and options. Make sure to match the same type of hole configuration that's currently used. You do not want to have to drill, all you will need is just your everyday screwdriver.

5. Change Air Vents

This isn't referring to changing the filters in your vents, but that is always a good idea as well. You should be changing the filters every 6-12 months. Many people keep their air vents as they are, but they are usually pretty boring and can be a dated eyesore in a homes that are otherwise modern. During quarantine, Cutler recommends using Amazon to find some modern air vent covers that you can order and ship to your home.

6. Paint an Accent Wall

Being quarantined can make you start you get cabin fever. Pick a wall and make paint it a different color, making it an accent wall. This little change can make your space fell larger. Use a color that puts you in a good mood. Stay away from yellows, this can cause anxiety and can just be a little to bright. You can research how different colors can improve your mood and feelings.

7. Repurpose Old Furniture

If your home feels a little overwhelming and unorganized, lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner, known for her tips on home design, says you can bring some organization to your home by repurposing old furniture you don't use anymore. In her own home, Blanner says what used to be an end table is now a bookshelf; an old three-drawer chest has become a place to store hats, sunscreen, and keys; and a previously purposeless trunk is now used as a place for family heirlooms.

8. Paint Your Baseboards

Hold on while in quarantine by "Giving your baseboards a fresh coat of paint," says Ashley Peeling, CLV Group's regional marketing manager.

9. Getting Rid of Old Paint

Katy Winter, founder of professional organizing company Katy's Organized Home, says to safely discard typical latex paint, remove the lid, allow the remaining paint to dry up and then throw it into the trash.

10. Clean Fridge Coils

Your coils are usually located in the back, but if they are not then look at the bottom of your refrigerator. Can you remember the last time you cleaned the coils? Have you ever cleaned the coils? This not only just make it look clean it will increase the longevity of your appliance. The build up over time can cause the appliance not to work at its optimal performance.

"Wherever the coils are located, clean them with your vacuum cleaner's brush attachment." says Ron Shimek, of Mr. Appliance. And check out The Home Appliances Killing Your Energy Bill for more ways you can save money.

11. Bring Some Plants Inside

What always add a bit of brightness to your home are some house plants. Not only does it bring color but it gives your home life. Visit your local nursery and get some fresh air. It is always a great help when shopping at community businesses to help them during the quarantine. Plant Nurseries are outside and you will not be exposed to large crowds or even closed in spaces. When picking plants make sure to find some that will be best suited for your home. Make sure that the plants you purchase will receive the right amount of light.

Make sure to buy air purifying plants if you have allergies. You will want to stay away from flowering plants, as the pollen will activate your allergies.

"If your home is dark because you keep your blinds shut then don't buy plants that need full sun, buy plants that thrive in the shade." Regardless of your lifestyle, Breyer says, "You can find plants that can enhance your life and well-being." You may not be working from home forever, but putting some nice touches on your home work space can help you now, and in the future.

12. Use Old Kitchen Pots and Ceramics for Planters

Everyone has those extra pots and saucepans they don't use anymore and are just taking up space. You may even have old ceramic bowls or teapots that can make a beautiful planter. You can use them outside or inside. You can also plant a small garden using these materials. Now you will have fresh veggies! Just make sure to put drainage holes in them.

13. Soundproofing Your Office

Eugene Soko, founder of Better Soundproofing, says you can soundproof your home office easily, and affordably, using materials that you may already have. Remember those moving blankets that you purchased for your move? These make excellent soundproofing pads. They will help muffle the sound that can be transferred from or into your office.

14. Retile Your Bathroom

In another article we recommended against this, but we did not know about the "Peel and Stick" tile at that time. Removing old tile can be a hassle. With this new type of tile you can stick the new tile over it and its not permanent. If you do not like it over time, you will just need to peel it off and you can go back to the original tile. That's a win win for anyone.

15. Organize Paperwork

You have a whole mess of important paperwork stacked somewhere in your home, if you're like most people. It makes it difficult to find specific documents when you need it. You can always use file boxes and file folders to organize your paperwork. But first we recommend that you make to piles of papers, a keep and shred pile. Shred any type of document that has important information on it like your social security number. You can also use cardboard boxes to keep organized. Label boxes with type of paperwork that is inside like warranty info, company info, and others. Then you will know what box to look in when the time comes.