Five Easy DIY Projects to Decorate Your Home

Everyone thinks that decorating your home will tend to cost a lot of money. Honestly, it does not take a lot of cash to make your home beautiful.

The right balance of smart work and hard work will create the perfect create-your-own home décor. So take the time and effort to bring the artist out in you.

Here are some easy Do-it-yourself projects to add beauty to your new home.

  1. Tree Branch Décor
  2. Mirror Décor
  3. Handprint Collection
  4. Hanging Plants
  5. Bottle Décor

Tree Branch Décor

tree branch with lights decor

A lot of times when you move into your new home you may have some yard work to accomplish. You may see tree branches lying around. Or you may be going on walks in nature perserves and seeing some awesome looking branches.

No matter where you have found it, choose the most appealing branch and bring it on home with you. Cover the branch in fairy or Christmas lights.

Next, find a space in your home to either place it on a end table or hang it. This will add a new lighting source or aesthetic to your room.

Tie in some hanging plants with your tree branch décor to add that boho touch.

Mirror Décor

wall mounted mirror decor

Mirrors, with their reflection quality, can make smaller spaces look larger.

Look for different styles and sizes of mirrors at your local hobby store or second hand stores. These can be placed together in one art piece or can be used to make several different hanging pieces.

Take your mirror and secure it to a cardboard sheet. You can reuse cardboard from moving or storage boxes. Remember to cover your mirror with newspaper or packing paper to protect it from any glue or scratches. Next, coat the cardboard with glue or other adhesive. Place either more mirrors, rope, or wood pieces. Once everything is dry, cut around the mirror and other decorative parts. Then all you have to do is hang it on your wall.

Handprint Collection

handprint decor

This piece of artwork will add a personal touch to your new home.

You will want to visit you local hobby store or art supply store and pick up small canvases. Purchase the amount that is equal to the number of members in your family. Also purchase either a monochrome paint or different colors. Make sure to match colors to the colors in the room that they will be placed.

Give each family member their own canvas. Next, have them paint their hands in acrylic paints. Once their hands are painted, have them press their hands on the canvas firmly. Do not press to hard, this may damage or tear the canvas.

Once the paint dries, you can add a ribbon to hand them or add a frame. Then hang them together on the wall.

Hanging Plants

mason jar hanging plants

This project does take some items that need to be purchased, but can be found on the cheap, and can be found at multiple stores. For the DIY project you will need:

  • Artificial Plants
  • Mason jars
  • 6” x 6” plywood square pieces

Place a rope or a sturdy strap below the rim of the mason jar. Next, secure it with a strong adhesive or glue. Once that has dried, you will need to apply a very strong adhesive to the mason jar a place firmly to the plywood square. After that has dried, hang on the wall and add artificial plants.

Glass Bottle Décor

glass bottle decor

This is a very simple idea, and can add a bit of flare to your home.

For this DIY project you will need:

  • Glass bottles (empty wine bottles)
  • Rope threads
  • Paints
  • Decorative flowers

Take 3 bottles and coat them with an adhesive glue. Next, wrap those bottles with the rope threads. You do not have to wrap the entire bottle, come up with different patterns. This is all about how you want to decorate them. Once those bottles are done, set them aside.

Take the other 3 bottles and apply colors of paint to them. You can either have them a simple one color, or add use multiple colors.

Now that everything is dry, apply decorative flowers to the bottles. You can cut out letters from carboard and paint them to spell out words like Love, Family, Home.