15 Best Cities for Newlyweds

No matter if you have been with your spouse for a couple of months to a decade, chances are, you have found that person who continually takes your breath away. You still have that amazing glow, or newlywed glow. Now actually thing about where you live. The area that you live should be like a second marriage. Are you head-over-heels about the city you live in? A lot of the same qualities you found attractive in your spouse:

  • Fun to be around.
  • You feel safe.
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Fits your current lifestyle.

So, what if the area that you call home just is not the right feel or the perfect spot for you and your spouse? To get a little help to find the best areas for newlyweds, we asked Rent.com to share its list of the 15 best cities for newlyweds. We are talking about areas with plenty of couples just like yourself, affordable living, and massive amounts of entertainment. You can find them all over the country from California all the way to Massachusetts.

Here are the top 15 best cities for newlyweds.

15. Vista, California

vista, california

Are you a couple that loves the beach? Vista is less than 10 miles from the Pacific coast. You can find a two-bedroom apartment in the area for just under $1,700 and about a quarter of the population are in their 20’s to 30’s. The city is booming with excellent farmers markets for those everyday foodies.

14. Somerville, Massachusetts

somerville, massachusetts

This strong arts community and widespread diversity attracts many Boston-types. Wide variety of parks and squares bring beauty to this small but densely populated city. It is within walking distance of Beantown. It has an exceptionally large millennial population, and you will be able to find a two-bedroom apartment for around $2,300.

13. Santa Clara, California

santa clara, california

In the heart of Silicon Valley and home to many big-name tech employers that you will have at your fingertips. Most couples feel right at home in this fun city that caters to shopping, top notch restaurants, and plenty of excuses to spend time outside. A two-bedroom apartment will run you around $1,200. Millennials make up about 25% of Santa Clara’s population.

12. San Diego, California

san diego, california

This laidback southern California city is packed with Millennials. They are about 27% of the population. If you love the Pacific coastline, then you are in luck. San Diego has 70 miles of it. Home to an established art scene and an up-and-coming restaurant culture, you and your spouse will have plenty of time to explore new things. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $2,400.

11. Quincy, Massachusetts

quincy, massachusetts

Not as close to Boston as Somerville, but still only a stone’s throw away, Quincy residents can enjoy the wealth of restaurants, nightlife, shopping, beaches, and parks. Quincy is also the home of the very first Dunkin Donuts. You will find many Millennial couples, about 25% of the population, in this area and will be looking to spend about $1,800 monthly on a nice two-bedroom apartment.

10. Orem, Utah

orem, utah

For those that love the great outdoors, then Orem is the spot for you. Orem offers a suburban lifestyle and natural beauty with beautiful lakes and mountains. This spot is perfect for couples that are looking to settle down and start a family, the average two-bedroom apartment is around $1,100. This will leave you a good amount to put in the bank for a rainy day or for that future family.

9. Newport News, Virginia

newport news, virginia

Newport News is nearly surrounded by water, so it makes it the perfect destination for any river or ocean-bound couple. If your pocketbooks are still hurting from the wedding, then this low cost of living city will be perfect for you. The average two-bedroom apartment will cost around $1,300. If you like parks and taking adventures in nature, then you will love the 32 parks Newport News has to offer.

8. Lincoln, Nebraska

lincoln, nebraska

The lowest cost of living of the list, just around $900 for a two-bedroom apartment, Lincoln is the perfect spot for any newlyweds. Couples that have careers in the high-tech or industrial fields will have no problem finding a job. You will find amazing diverse museums to explore. Lincoln has the lowest unemployment rate among all the cities on this list.

7. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

lexington-fayette, kentucky

It is all about horses and horse racing here in this Kentucky city. Historic homes bring this southern charm city to life. If you are a bourbon or whiskey drinker, then make sure to visit the plentiful distilleries. Rent is very inexpensive here, where you will find a two-bedroom apartment for around $800, which is most likely the biggest appeal to the 25% population of Millennials.

6. Lewisville, Texas

lewisville, texas

When most couples are looking to move to Texas, they start by looking in Dallas, Houston, or Austin. Put those cities to the side, Lewisville is the Lone Star State’s up-and-coming place to be. It has a fast-growing and large population of Millennials at around 27%. It is also conveniently located close DFW International Airport and offers an amazing shopping experience. You will be looking to spend in the price range of $1,500 for a two-bedroom apartment.

5. Greeley, Colorado

greeley, colorado

Are you a skier? Well Greeley is not exactly a mountain town, but you will find plenty of options within driving distance. This city is perfect for any dual-income household, where you will be looking to spend around $900 on a two-bedroom apartment. Home to the Academy of Natural Therapy, University of Northern Colorado, and many other jobs, it is the perfect location to put down roots and call home.

4. Fort Collins, Colorado

fort collins, colorado

This gorgeous Rocky Mountains city is just the spot for any couple looking to a cost effective, low cost of living cities. You will be looking out your window of a $1,300 apartment and see the spectacle of true nature. Your weekends will never be boring if you love the outdoors. You will be able to explore the area with its vast trails, kayaking adventures, and in the wintertime cross-country skiing. The small city has a college town feel due to being home to Colorado State University and is home to nearly 33% of Millennials.

3. Costa Mesa, California

costa mesa, california

Costa Mesa is abundant with young professionals and is known for its restaurants and action sports industries. These young professionals and couples make up 27% of the population. If you retail therapy, then you will adore this California city in Orange County. If the price tag of $1,800 for monthly rent does not scare you off, then this city is your oyster.

2. Arlington, Virginia

arlington, virginia

Not only you will close to Washington D.C., but you will also have access to the Potomac, Arlington National Cemetery, and the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. Arlington is just North of Alexandria and has a wide variety of museums, shopping, and US history. Typically, you will be just north of $2,100 a month for an apartment, and 33% of Arlington residents are millennials, giving you a chance to meet other like-minded couples.

1. Alexandria, Virginia

alexandria, virginia

Just southwest of Washington D.C., Alexandria is packed with federal workers and has a relatively steep median two-bedroom rental price ($2,600). But the area's historic attractions and museums, 70 parks, and general walkability are more than enough to attract newlyweds in search of mid-Atlantic Seaboard living.