15 Tips for Moving During the Winter Months

The bitter cold and harsh winter weather is now upon us! I you have made the decision to move. For most states, this means freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. Here are 15 tips from the pros to help your cold winter move go as smoothly as possible:

Check with Your Movers

Yes, it may be cold out, but this is the best time financially to move. This is the off-season for moving companies. You will have the best chance of finding the moving date. Just make sure to check with the moving company about a week before the big move. Also, you will want to check in again with them a day or two before as well. Winter is unpredictable and can make plans change just like that with snow and ice storms.

Check the Weather Regularly

Weather is one of the most key factors during winter moves that can change and make original plans delayed. Just because the weatherman says that it is going to be a clear, but cold day a week before, that can change in a couple of days. If you are concerned in any way due to weather, call your moving company and express these concerns. It is better to delay your move than be caught up in a blizzard.

Cover Your Floors

Just because you are moving out of your old home and into a new one, does not mean that you should not treat the old place like it is not yours. Go to your local hardware store and purchase some inexpensive plastic painters’ sheets and place them on your hardwood and carpet. This will help protect them from moisture, dirt, mud, and salt. Also lay floormats outside for people to wipe off their feet.

Turn the Heat Off

People are going to be entering and leaving the home all throughout the day. This means your furnace will have to work extra hard to keep the home at temperature. The bonus to this is that you will save on your gas or electric bill for that day.

Heat your Bathroom

If you have decided to turn the heat off in your home, you can run a space heater in your bathroom with the door closed. If you or anyone is getting chilly you can go into the bathroom and have your own little warm space for a few moments.

Board your Pets

With the potential of doors being opened and closed all day, you will not want to risk that your beloved fur babies running out the door. Also, it can be annoying with them at your feet the whole time because they really do not know what is going on. If you turn your heat off for the day, you will want them to be able to stay warm. Make sure your fur babies are taken care of during the move.

Clear walkways

During the cold months you will have to worry about ice being on sidewalks, driveways, and the street. You do not want anyone slipping or sliding while carry your valuables or furniture. Make sure to salt pathways to your moving truck and cars. This will also protect you from any unwanted injury lawsuits.

Make Sure Utilities are on in New Home

Nothing is worse than moving out of a cold home and into your new home and none of the utilities are on. Make a trip to your new home and test all your utilities are working before you start your move. We recommend that everything is turned on at least 2-3 days before you move.

Snowplow Schedule

You may have carefully planned every small detail for your move, and the night before a snowplow came and now you have huge pile of snow between your home and the moving truck. Make sure to have parking available for you and your movers. Also make sure to keep a pathway open from the house to the truck.

Have Towels and Blankets on Hand

You never know when mother nature is going to decide that it is going to snow or sleet. Have blankets and towels put to the side so that you can cover furniture.

Keep Yourself Warm

This is just something nice to have on the side. Make some hot apple cider or hot chocolate in a crockpot. Comes in handy when you or your movers begin to get cold. Warm up your insides and you will feel a lot better and your movers will really appreciate it.

Spare Gloves

Gloves are key in winter moves. Visit your local dollar store and pick up a couple extra pair of warm gloves. During the move, your or your mover’s gloves may become wet from the snow and mush. Nothing is worse than wet gloves in the cold.

Tip Well

Even though moving companies’ rates do not change that much in the winter, make sure to tip your movers well. They are not getting paid extra to deal with wind, ice, and snow. Also make sure to thank them for coming out in the weather.

Moving in the winter does not have to be as hard as you think. With a little preparation and consideration, you can make the perfect move in any type of weather.