Best Moving Tips According to Twitter

You are about to move and you have a choice of hiring professional movers or if you are going to do the move yourself. This will take some planning if you choose to do the move yourself and with a little help from your friends. The packing process is going to be grueling and not much fun, you may find that during all of it you will want to just pack yourself into a moving box and have your friends or family pack you away.

Twitter user “Shameless Maya” tweeted out to her followers to have them reply back with their best tips and tricks for moving. She was going to be in the process of moving herself. Her followers started to flood her tweet with useful and some not so useful tips. While these may be helpful tips, but in no way are we saying the move is going to be fun. That is where you will need to decide how to make the experience less stressful and take the edge off the moving day woahs. 

1. Pack Your Dishes with Clothes and Packing Paper

When you are wrapping dishes and other breakables you may want to wrap them with clean sweaters and socks. This will help save you room in other boxes since you will not have to pack them individually.

2. Protect Your Floors While Moving

If you have hardwood floors, you will want to protect them from scratches and blemishes. You will be moving your furniture around as you pack. Get some furniture sliders to put on the feet. This will help protect from scratches and they also make moving larger furniture easier. You can get furniture sliders from Amazon.

3. Vacuum Sealed Bags

Another great way to save space while packing your moving boxes is vacuum seal bags. Just connect these bags to your vacuum and watch them shrink in size before your eyes. You can either pack them into your boxes or put them on your moving truck just the way they are currently.

4. Use Trash Bags for Garment Bags

If you have run out of wardrobe boxes and still have some clothing that is hanging and needs to be packed, then you can use trash bags. All you will have to do is put a small hole at the bottom of the trash bag and slide the hanger hooks through. Then just tie off the bottom. Your garments will now be protected for your move. It’s just that easy!

5. Tape Loose Hardware to Furniture and Electronics

Do you have loose hardware such as cords or screws. Place them in a sandwich baggie and tape it to the corresponding item. No worries of finding a bag with miscellaneous items and have no idea what they go to. Make sure to label the baggies just in case they do get separated from the item.