How to Move Your Master Bedroom

Moving the master bedroom in any home will always be a task, maybe not as bad as the kitchen, but can be very time consuming. This is where a lot of your personal items in this area that when you are moving you want to ensure get to your new place in pristine condition. Some of the items that will be coming out of this room will include your bed, wardrobe, and other nice items like TVs, lamps, and more. Here is the best way to move your master bedroom.

Your Clothes

Your wardrobe and closets are probably overflowing with clothes, shoes, blankets, and comforters. You will want to make sure that you pick up some specialty wardrobe boxes. Depending on the amount of clothes in your closet and wardrobe you may want to pick up at minimum one package of three wardrobe boxes. These boxes are like miniature closets. You just need to put them together and put the bar into place and now you have a mobile closet. When placing your clothes into this style of moving box you will want to keep a little gap in between. This will prevent wrinkles. If you have clothes that have come straight from the dry cleaners, keep the plastic wrapped around them. If you have spare garment bags, then place your most valuable pieces in them.

These types of boxes are also a great place to place your shoes. If you have nicer pairs of shoes, make sure to wrap them first. Wrap them individually with packing paper. Also, place crumbled up packing paper inside the shoes, just like when you bought them. This will ensure that if there is any weight placed on top of them, they will not collapse in on themselves. Do not overpack the bottom of the wardrobe boxes, you will want to keep some room for any movement during transportation.

Disassembling Beds

Not all beds are built the same way, so that means most of them out there need to be disassembled differently. It is imperative to pay attention to the details. Whenever moving companies need to disassemble a bed, they will bring power tools, Allen keys, and a small toolbox. When taking down any type of furniture, it is important to keep in mind how to put it back together. A smart idea is to take pictures of the bed put together and snap a shot for each step. This will help make assembly go faster. Make sure to keep all hardware such as screws, nuts, and bolts together in a labeled plastic baggie.

If you find that re-assembly of the bed is going to be difficult, here is a trick from professional moving companies. Mark the bed with blue painter’s tape in spots that you know are important for installation. Also wrap the bed in reverse to protect from any damage to the wood. Wrap the tape with the non-sticky side over the surface then wrap with plastic wrap. It will still do the same job and will not damage the bed’s wood.

Other Items

Your bedroom may not just have a wardrobe and a bed. You may have other items that you will need to take care of while moving. Here are some tips for these other items.

Dressers & Drawers

Dressers are usually moved as is, without much fuss. Therese are some steps though that should be taken into consideration. First you will want to remove items from the drawers. If you keep the items in the drawers this will just add more unneeded weights. Next, take stretch wrap and go around the dresser multiple times to keep the drawers in place. You do not want to have to keep on shutting the drawers as you carry it to and from the moving truck. Once you have placed the dresser into the truck use a moving blanket to cover it up. This will help protect from any damage such as dents, dings, or scratches from other items place in the moving truck.


Depending on the size of the picture you may need to have either a frame box or a picture box. For larger pictures you will want a picture box. This a specialty box that comes in pieces that you will want to put together over the picture. Cover the picture with a moving blanket and put the pieces on around them. Here is a how-to video on using picture boxes.

Frame boxes are for you smaller framed pictures. They are simple to use. Make sure to either use bubble wrap or a moving blanket to add that extra layer of protection. Here is a how-to video on using a frame box.


Televisions can be difficult when it comes to packing them. We always recommend keeping the original packing that they come in just in case you plan on moving. Those boxes are made specifically for that style of TV. If you do not have the original packaging them, you will want to invest in a TV box kit. These specialty type of boxes work perfect with flat screen televisions that do not have a base or the base can be removed. It also comes with foam inserts to keep to the TV in place while transporting. Here is a video on how to use TV box kits.


Many people take this time as an opportunity change of their bedroom style and that all starts with the bedding. When it comes to packing your bedding, you will want to use an Extra-Large Moving Box. These boxes are perfect for larger and lighter items.