5 Reasons to Avoid FREE or Used Moving Boxes

You are preparing to move into your new dream home or new apartment, or maybe you are a business that is moving into a larger location due to growth. The one thing that is on everyone’s mind during the process is BOXES!

Where are you going to find enough boxes to pack all your belongings? Most people will end up driving from grocery store to store, maybe finding them on Facebook or other sites like craigslist, or basically anywhere they can find them.

Here are some reasons why not to use used moving boxes:

Old Boxes are Dirty

Simply put, old used boxes, especially those that have gone through transportation routes with UPS, FedEx, or USPS are plain dirty. These boxes get dirty from going through multiple shipping hubs and most of these company’s trucks are not kept clean. Sure, they may go in and remove some loose trash that may be in there, but they do not go in and give the inside of the trailer a good scrub down. All that dirt and grime building up in the trailer is now transferring to those boxes. Sometimes you may notice dark spots on boxes, that can be in fact oil. You are not going to want that transferred to your belongings.

Unsanitary Used Boxes

Now that we are protecting your belongs and items from dirt and grime, the next reason to avoid used boxes is that they are just unsanitary. You never know what they are home to such as bedbugs, moths, carpet beetles or other insects. They may also be home to bacteria and germs. With the pandemic going on currently in 2020, you do not want to take the risk of bringing COVID-19 into your home.

No one wants to move into their new home and find out they now have a bedbug infestation! Bedbugs are harder to get rid of then cockroaches. Oh, and cockroach eggs can be in the cardboard of used moving boxes.

Used Wardrobe boxes out of all boxes are the most unsanitary of all them all. Clothing from other people’s closets have been put in there. Clothing will carry all the above and then more, such as dead skin cells, moth eggs, dust, and allergens. You may be allergic to dogs or cats, with clothing, even they people before washed them before putting them into the box, will still carry the hair or fur of the animals.

Older Boxes are Weak

Tough, thick cardboard boxes lose their integrity and strength rather quickly. This is true when it comes to shipping boxes. Just think those boxes have been tossed, kicked, and bounced around for hundreds to thousands of miles. Would you want to pack your personal belongs in a box that may just fall apart when you pick it up?

Packing old boxes has a higher risk of the box breaking during your move. This can cause unexpected damages to valuables and other belongings. If the bottom of the box breaks, you now run the risk of something very heavy falling out and onto your legs or feet. You do not want to have to make any trips to the ER.

Losing the Versatility of Boxes

Searching for boxes online for free, you really cannot be too picky. You will be getting mixed sizes and you may need to find more boxes than if you purchased brand new moving box kits. You may end up too many oversized boxes, that will become too heavy and cumbersome to move around. Then there is the chance of finding boxes that are just odd shaped.

You may need some specialty boxes for framed pictures, TVs, and other items. TVs now a days are awfully expensive, and you want to make sure not to just pack them away with nothing but a blanket. Valuable artwork is usually irreplaceable. Therefore, here at CheapCheapMovingBoxes.com we carry these special boxes for your move. They are always brand new and never used.

Finding Boxes is Just the Beginning

You have been driving around town all day looking for your boxes. You may have enough, or you might need to make a run again tomorrow or the day after. Remember that you will not just need boxes but all the packing supplies as well. Why not just purchase your boxes and all the moving supplies you need at once? You will spend much less time online and you will save money. No need to spend it on gas, fast food (you got to eat while your out), and any other surprise expenses. You do not even need to leave the house. We deliver all your items right to your doorstep.