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Moving Tips and Tricks | Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

Tips and tricks on how you can make your life easier while moving!

Your Handy Moving box and Supplies List

Moving Supplies List that Will Conquer Your Move The paperwork has been signed. They keys have been handed over. The deal is finally done. It is Now official: You are now in the process of selling your home. Which also means that you need to start planning your move. It is a joy to buying a new home, starting a new career, or just relocating to somewhere new, but the moving part just stinks. All the excitement starts to fade when you realize all the sorting, packing, possible garage sales,...


All You Need to Know About Managing Your Moving Boxes

Do you have a big move planned? If you have answered yes, then this is the best article for you to make your life easier on moving day. The focus of this article will be on the best way to manage your moving boxes. No one wants to face any problems with their boxes when moving out or into a new location. Before we introduce any of the tips on moving boxes, but make sure that you purchase the best quality moving boxes. You will want to purchase your boxes and not go out hunting for free boxes....


How to Pack A TV for Moving

Flat Screen TVs can be awkward to move and are very fragile. Because of the nature of this product, you will need to package them properly. You will be able to pack your TV in four easy steps. Just because newer TVs are lighter than their older heaving box versions, may make you think that they will be easy to move. Flat screens can be dropped, damaged, or scratched just as easy. In just a few steps you will be able to pack your TV in the best possible manner. Just do not through your tv in the...


5 Reasons to Avoid FREE or Used Moving Boxes

You are preparing to move into your new dream home or new apartment, or maybe you are a business that is moving into a larger location due to growth. The one thing that is on everyone’s mind during the process is BOXES! Where are you going to find enough boxes to pack all your belongings? Most people will end up driving from grocery store to store, maybe finding them on Facebook or other sites like craigslist, or basically anywhere they can find them. Here are some reasons why not to use used...


What To Do With Leftover Moving Boxes

Once you have completed your move, what can be frustrating is what to do with the left over moving boxes. Throwing them away is not eco-friendly, but don’t worry there are other ways that you are able to reuse your moving boxes. You can choose to recycle them, but there are other useful ideas that you can use them throughout your home. Storage This is probably the most obvious option of reusing your moving boxes. Use them to create a better storage system, instead of just placing items in the...


Choosing the Right Boxes and Supplies

Hopefully, you will start packing for your move a few weeks before. Follow these tips and tricks before you even pack that first box. They will help you stay organized and make the move and unpacking a little easier. The Right Tools Boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, etc. are all the obvious moving supplies that you will need to have on hand. They are a couple of other supplies that you will want to have on hand that are not so obvious. Box Cutter – What happens if you pack something...


What to Pack in Each Moving Box Size

It is important to pack all of your items in the right moving box sizes. A lot of times when people pack their boxes they do not take in consideration the chance of their items breaking or becoming damaged. Picking the right size box will ensure that your items will remain safe. Just because you have a larger box, does not mean that you should or can pack more items inside it. The different sized moving boxes are designed with specific items. All of Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes are now designed...