How to Pack A TV for Moving

Flat Screen TVs can be awkward to move and are very fragile. Because of the nature of this product, you will need to package them properly. You will be able to pack your TV in four easy steps.

Just because newer TVs are lighter than their older heaving box versions, may make you think that they will be easy to move. Flat screens can be dropped, damaged, or scratched just as easy.

In just a few steps you will be able to pack your TV in the best possible manner. Just do not through your tv in the backseat of your car or truck.

Unplug any cords and other accessories

No matter if your flat screen tv is mounted to the wall or on a stand, you will want to unplug any external cords. You will want to keep track of all the cords and cables.

Organize your TV components

  • First dust the back of the TV. This will give you a clean work area and should be done before you transport your TV. Dust can cause damage to connections.
  • Take a picture with your phone or tablet of how the cords and cables are connected. This will help and make for a faster installation in your new home.
  • Remove one cable at a time and then use masking tape and marker to label each one.
  • Place cables and cords into a labeled plastic bag.

Wrap the Screen with a Moving Blanket

The screen on your TV is very delicate. You are going to want to protect it from scratches, dents, and dings. Do not use bubble wrap or packing paper on your screen. This can cause damage.

How to Wrap

  • Use a moving blanket to wrap around the screen. Secure the moving pad with rope or mover bands.
  • If you still have the original packaging for your TV, then that is the best to use.
  • You can also use normal blankets from your home to wrap the TV.

Original packaging or suitable TV Box Kit

If you still have the original packaging tucked away, then this is the best to use. The packaging is made specifically for your television with shipping in mind. The Styrofoam sections create a solid seal between the box and your TV.

What to Use if You Do not Have Original Packaging

  • We carry a TV box kit that will fit up to a 70” flat screen with the stand removed. It includes foam inserts to help keep your TV in place while moving.
  • You can also use just blankets. Make sure to pick blankets that do not have zippers or buttons. These types of blankets could cause scratches or damages to your screen.
  • If using other moving boxes, you will want to make sure that you have about 2-3 inches of clearance from the screen to the box. You will want to fill these voids with blankets.

Packing the TV in the Moving Truck

Now that your TV is boxes up and protected, you will want to place into your moving truck or in your car. Make sure to place the TV in an upright position.

If you can place the flat screen between two items, this will ensure that their will be less movement during transportation. You will want to try to keep it off the ground as well just in case something heavier falls.

Ideas to Consider when Packing

  • Place the TV between to sturdy items such as a mattress and sofa.
  • Secure flat screen against a wall if you are not able to place between two items.
  • Place a bungee cord at the top and base of TV if secured to the wall.
  • Avoid bungee or rope material to encounter the screen.
  • Store with screen facing wall.