How to Use Packing Paper for Your Move

Packing paper is one of the most resourceful moving supplies that anyone can ask for when it comes to their upcoming move. Paper is useful in protecting fragile items from damage or breaking during a move. Packing paper is also recyclable and very flexible. Here we explain how to use packing paper for your next move.

Why Do You Need Packing Paper?

Packing paper also known as blank newsprint fits the needs of movers. The clean, unmarked paper is ideal for wrapping breakable items such as bowls, plates, and glasses. Sometimes packing paper can be more versatile than bubble wrap in certain situations. It is easier to pack into smaller spaces to fill empty voids in boxes, this is so that the items do not shift in the moving box during transportation. Packing paper is easier to handle and is 100% recyclable.

How Much Paper Do You Need?

The best formula to follow is one pound of packing paper for every cubic foot of your moving box. This will give plenty of room for all your items in each of your moving boxes. Remember that the blank newsprint is not only for wrapping items but to fill in the gaps between items in the boxes. For fragile items, you will wan to make sure that you are using some extra paper. This will ensure that your breakable items will not shift during your move and will be less congested in the moving box.

How Do I Use Packing Paper?

There are two main ways to use packing paper. One way is to wrap your items almost like gifts to protect all sides from damage. The other use is to crumble paper to place inside of glasses and in or around the inside of your moving boxes.

Plates are packed like many other items that will be using packing paper. First, they should be wrapped individually, never wrap them together as this will defeat the purpose. Afterwards, they can be put into a sturdy kitchen or moving box. Remember to pack around the dishes and the bottom to create a buffer.

Glasses are similarly. First, crumble up some paper to put inside the glass. You will want to fill the glass with packing paper. This will add strength to the glass and lessen the shattering of the glass. Then you will want to wrap the glass either with packing paper or bubble wrap. Usually, we recommend using bubble wrap on the exterior of the glass, but you can use packing paper as well. Place the glass laying down in the box. These are lighter items so make sure not to place anything that is heavier on top of them.

    If you follow these tips, your fragile and breakable items will make it to your new home without any problem or damage.