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Moving Tips and Tricks | Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

Tips and tricks on how you can make your life easier while moving!

How to Use Packing Paper for Your Move

Packing paper is one of the most resourceful moving supplies that anyone can ask for when it comes to their upcoming move. Paper is useful in protecting fragile items from damage or breaking during a move. Packing paper is also recyclable and very flexible. Here we explain how to use packing paper for your next move. Why Do You Need Packing Paper? Packing paper also known as blank newsprint fits the needs of movers. The clean, unmarked paper is ideal for wrapping breakable items such as bowls,...


The Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist

Get ahead of your move with the best moving supplies list ever. If you think that when you move all you will need are moving boxes and tape, think again. It is imperative to have the right moving and packing supplies on hand. That is why here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes we have created an essential list of moving supplies and equipment that you can refer to before, during, and after your move. This list will help you choose the perfect supplies that you will need to make your move more...


Your Handy Moving box and Supplies List

Moving Supplies List that Will Conquer Your Move The paperwork has been signed. They keys have been handed over. The deal is finally done. It is Now official: You are now in the process of selling your home. Which also means that you need to start planning your move. It is a joy to buying a new home, starting a new career, or just relocating to somewhere new, but the moving part just stinks. All the excitement starts to fade when you realize all the sorting, packing, possible garage sales,...


Must Have Moving Supplies and How to Use Each

You are now taking the time in planning you move. You are looking at purchasing your moving boxes and packing supplies, but which ones do you really need. Also, do you know how to use each one correctly. Make sure to not skimp on your moving supplies. Not having enough supplies can result in damages of your most valuable items. Here is a quick checklist of moving supplies you will need: Bubble WrapPacking PaperMoving BoxesMoving Blankets and PadsStretch WrapMattress BagsTape Gun and...


Choosing the Right Boxes and Supplies

Hopefully, you will start packing for your move a few weeks before. Follow these tips and tricks before you even pack that first box. They will help you stay organized and make the move and unpacking a little easier. The Right Tools Boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, etc. are all the obvious moving supplies that you will need to have on hand. They are a couple of other supplies that you will want to have on hand that are not so obvious. Box Cutter – What happens if you pack something...