Having the Right Moving Supplies for Your Move

You have just bought or rented a new home, and now you are getting prepared to move. The question is have you purchased all your moving boxes and supplies needed? Do you know how to use them all correctly?

When moving, you should not skimp on moving supplies. It is proven that when you skimp, items that are packed incorrectly either become damaged or broken.

Here is a list of the moving supplies, packing materials, and others you need to have a successful move.

Packing Supplies:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper
  • Moving Boxes
  • Moving Blankets
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Tape and tape gun
  • Permanent Markers
  • Mattress Bags
  • Trash Bags
  • Ziploc Bags

How to Properly use Moving Supplies

Now that you have gathered all the supplies that we have listed for your move, let’s look at how to properly use each of them correctly. This ensures that your valuables and fragile items will be safe during your move.

1. Bubble Wrap

One of the most popular packing supplies out there. It’s easy to use, and usually comes in rolls that range in length. It is mainly perforated in 12 inch sheets. Bubbles can range in sizes, small, medium, large.

When using bubble wrap make sure to face the bubbles facing the inside for best protection. Wrap items then use some tape to keep the bubble wrap tight around the item.

Remember when packing dishes, to pack them vertically.

2. Packing Paper

Also known as newsprint, it is ink free and clean. If you use actual newspapers, you run the risk of ink rubbing off on your dishes or other items. Packing paper is another great option for wrapping dishes, glassware and other fragile items. It is also a great filler for when you are packing your boxes.

When you are unpacking you can always keep it around for your kids to draw on.

3. Moving Boxes

The most important supply when moving. A lot of people think that you should pack heavier items in the larger boxes, but that is not true. As the box size increases you should pack lighter items. If you do need to pack heavier items in large boxes then make sure to pack them at the bottom of the box. Also make sure that there is filler such as bubble wrap or packing paper between heavier items. This will ensure that they will not move as much in the box and lessen the chance of other items becoming damaged.

4. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are also know as furniture pads. If you are moving on your own, then it is important to purchase blankets. Most of the time is you hire movers, they will have moving blankets. They may charge you an extra fee for them having to use their own pads.

They are great for protecting your furniture from scratches, dents and other damage that can be caused during the transporting or storage. The weight of the blankets is defined by how much a dozen moving pads weigh. One key tip is the heavier the item the heavier the blanket should be.

5. Stretch Wrap

Just think of this as a giant roll of Saran plastic stretch wrap. Stretch wrap comes in different sizes. At Cheap Cheap moving boxes we carry a 5 inch and 18 inch roll. Used to keep drawers and doors closed on furniture.

Stretch wrap can also be used to wrap your utensil trays or makeup trays. Just wrap it around the tray and you will not have to worry about them coming out.

Keep couch cushions and a pillows in place with wrap. This will also make it easier to apply sofa covers.

6. Tape Gun and Tape

You will want to purchase packing tape, do not use duct tape. Even though duct tape does solve a lot of problems. Duct tape is just a little to sticky. Clear and sticky tape is the best.

To help save time purchase a tape gun as well. No need to cut the tape with scissors or a knife. And you will not have to fight with the tape if the end decides to stick to the roll.

When taping up a box you will want to tape the box top closed vertically and horizontally. This will ensure that your box will remain closed during transport and storage.

7. Permanent Markers

One of the biggest things to remember is to label your boxes. This is why a good permanent marker is needed. You can get different colors to color code your rooms. This will make it easier to unpack. You will want to use bright bold colors. The thicker the marker the better. In this case size does matter.

If fragile items are placed in boxes, make sure to label them with fragile and this end up. The last thing you want to do is open a box and realize that your fragile items are now broken.

8. Trash Bags

You can use trash bags to pack and they are very handy to have when you are unpacking. Make sure to have garbage bags around during unpacking to place used packing paper and bubble wrap in. If you keep your area clean while unpacking, it will help keep your stress level down and make you feel more accomplished.

9. Gallon size storage bags

Keep storage bags around on moving day. These bags are great for storing little bits and ends such as screws, batteries, brackets, and other smaller items. Make sure to label these bags as well. Its always stressful to find a bag with nuts and bolts while unpacking and having no idea what they go to.

Just follow these tips with moving supplies and your move will be less stressful and a lot more easy.