What To Do With Leftover Moving Boxes

Once you have completed your move, what can be frustrating is what to do with the left over moving boxes. Throwing them away is not eco-friendly, but don’t worry there are other ways that you are able to reuse your moving boxes. You can choose to recycle them, but there are other useful ideas that you can use them throughout your home.


moving boxes used for storage

This is probably the most obvious option of reusing your moving boxes. Use them to create a better storage system, instead of just placing items in the open. Pack them up and label the boxes. Use the leftover boxes for seasonal decorations, books, magazines, or even vinyl record album collections. Using the moving boxes will keep your items safe and protected.

Children’s Imagination

children building box fort

Let your children have some fun with them. A child’s imagination is unlimited. They may build a box fort or even turn the boxes into imaginary vehicles. Have an arts and crafts day with your kids. Break down the boxes to make medieval armor or weapons. This will go great with the box castle they just built. You can keep them entertained for hours, giving you the much needed time to relax.


moving box used as a shipping box

Save the boxes for the holidays or birthdays. Instead of buying new boxes at your local Post Office or Fedex locations, save money buy using what you already have. This does not mean you have to keep all the boxes, just keep the boxes you think will be used better for shipping these types of items.

Furry Family Members

cat in a moving box

Animals are all about exploring. Have you ever noticed your cats jumping into empty boxes, sometimes you may even catch them in there sleeping. Tired of your cats scratching at your furniture? Use the leftover cardboard to make scratching posts. What about dogs? Place boxes under end tables or in the corner to give your pup a den of his own. Animals love to have a place of their own where they feel like they are protected.

These may just be a few ideas of what to do with your used moving boxes and packing supplies. There are many others that we haven’t listed. If you have any great ideas on what else you are able to use them for, we would love to hear it. Just comment on this post.