The Best Moving Out of State Checklist You Will Ever Need

So, you have decided to move. And you are not just moving down the street, but you are moving across state lines. This means you are going to be away from your family and friends, and the life you may have known for months or even years.

No matter how relaxed you are in your daily life, it is about to become frantic and stressful. That is why here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes we are here to help you create that checklist for moving out of state, to minimize your stress levels and to make your move go smoother.

The Moving Out of State Checklist

Why a Checklist?

This is a simple answer. The more stress that we experience, the more our brain tends to break and skip steps. Studies have shown that humans do not think clearly when under pressure or are overwhelmed.

Moreover, decision making is one of our most important activities we do on the daily. The more decisions that you are going to have to make at a single moment, the more tired you will feel, and the worse decisions you will make.

Ideally, you can avoid this whole situation by creating a task list and start completing parts of the list ahead of time. With a checklist, you will not wonder what still needs to be done and when. You can prepare beforehand, and then check the list in the morning each day to see what tasks you have set for yourself and to make sure you are still on track.

Two Months Before

Two months before your big move, you will still be working on a large scale. Think of this stage as your preparing to prepare. For the next couple of weeks, you will want to focus your attention on planning, prepping, and organizing on such tasks as:

  • Preparing a Moving Binder – A moving binder is a great way to relieve stress. This is key to organizing all your key documents you will need in place for the move.
  • Printing Your Checklist – Print up multiple copies of your checklist and place one in your moving binder. You will also want to create a moving supplies checklist.
  • Explore the New Neighborhood – Before you start looking for a new place to buy or rent, you will want to checkout the surrounding area. Look into restaurants, amenities, schools, and more. Try to find a neighborhood that fits all your needs and wants.
  • Moving Supplies – It is never too early to start purchase packing supplies. Even if you are hiring a moving company, why not get a head start on getting everything ready for the move.
  • Book Appointments – This is the best time to go see your eye doctor or primary care physician. If you have children, make sure they are up to date with all their vaccines.
  • Set a Budget – While your head is still clear, set a budget for how much you are willing to pay for everything. This will include home price, food, and travel costs.

Six Weeks Before

At this point, you should have already picked a moving date. Setting this date is important, because you will need to have everything scheduled, such as hiring a moving company, turning on and off utilities, getting friends and family to help, and more. If you have not picked a date yet, do so before completing anything else on the moving out of state checklist. During this time, you will want to complete these steps:

  • Car Shipment – If you are not driving to the new destination, you will want to schedule a car shipper before you move out.
  • Plane Tickets – The time is now to purchase your plane tickets. Since you already have a date planned, get your plane tickets early to save on costs.
  • Housing – If you are not able to buy or rent a house in time before your move, then you may need to plan for staying at a hotel or in short-term rentals.
  • Research Moving Companies – If you are not that DIY mover and need to hire a moving company, it is time to get quotes from different companies.
  • Declutter decluttering your home may be the hardest part of moving out of state. Deciding what is coming with you and what you are willing to part with. Start making an area for donations and what items you are going to want to sell.
  • Favors – During this time you may need some favors from friends and family such as babysitting or their help in packing your boxes with items.
  • Sell Your Car – If you are not taking your car with your, give yourself time to sell it. You may not be able to sell it quick enough at the last moment.

One Month Before

By now all your big decisions have been made, well at least we are hoping they have been. If they have not and you are going to move quickly, we have an article about moving and packing in 2 weeks. Over the next couple of weeks, you will want to get these tasks done:

  • Rent a Storage Unit – If you are going to need to store any items, you will want to rent a storage unit now. There are different sizes and types out there, do your research and find the best unit that suits your needs.
  • Make a Packing Plan – Packing can be a daunting task, a nightmare at the worst. Plan on how you are going to pack everything. Decide on what rooms will need to get packed first and what can be packed last.
  • Contact Utility Companies – You are going to want to set up your new utilities before you get there. Give them your address and move in date, to make sure everything is turned on before you walk through the door.
  • Declutter your Fridge – It is time to stop going grocery shopping unless you really must. Start using your perishables and items in your freezer for meals.
  • Schedule a Cleaning Service – After you have everything out of your home, you will wan to give it a nice deep clean. You may not want or be able to do this. Therefore, we recommend hiring a cleaning service, one less thing you will need to stress over.

Two Weeks Before

The big day is fast approaching! You now should be making more specific plans about moving day. These are the tasks that should be completed:

  • Update Banks and Cell Companies – Anyone that you will still be using at your new destination like your accountant, banking institutions, and cell phone provider should be given your new address.
  • Transfer Rental or Homeowners Insurance – If you are planning on renting at the new place, you will want to transfer your rental insurance. Same idea if you are buying a home, you will want to either set up homeowner’s insurance or transferring it.
  • Trash/Recycling – Call the local trash and recycle companies and have them deliver your bins for when you arrive.
  • Moving Company – Confirm all the final details about your move with them.
  • Start Packing – If you have not already started to pack your moving boxes, now is the time to start. Place boxes in one localized area and have all the boxes labeled with the correct rooms. You will want to finish packing with two days left before the moving day.

One Week Before

You are almost ready! Make sure to keep on track and complete these tasks:

  • Setup Mail Forwarding – You will want to contact your local post office and set up a mail forwarding to your new address. This is just in case you forgot to contact anyone and notify them about your move, you will still get your bills, magazines, etc.
  • Pack a “Move in Box” – This is just like an essentials bag, but with kitchen supplies and other items. You will want to pack snacks, a pot and a pan for meals, cups, plates and utensils, and other items that are not currently in your essentials bag.
  • Start the Dirty Jobs – If you are not going to use a cleaning service, then you are going to want to deep clean each room as you finish packing them or if you are finished packing start cleaning all of them. Do not forget to clean out the fridge and stove!

The Day Before

As you are starting to see that your checklist is almost complete, it is all about the finishing touches. This will ensure that you are moving out will be a breeze, or at least a lot less stressful. The day before making sure to complete these items off your list:

  • Pet Snacks – If you have pets and they are going to be on this long car trip, make sure to pack plenty of snacks for them. If they are on any medications, also make sure to pack them away but in an easy to reach spot in the car.
  • Special Items – Place this item in a moving box or a filing box and pack them away in your car. These can include documents, blankies, jewelry, etc.
  • Drain Gas and Oil form Equipment – when moving a long distance, you will want to drain the oil and gas from lawnmowers and any other outdoor equipment. This will ensure they do not leak and create a hazard for your or the moving company.

Moving Day

Congratulations are in order! You have made it almost completely through the moving out of state checklist and you are going to be leaving shortly for your adventure. But before you celebrate, these are the important task:

  • Clear a Pathway – Prop open that front door and clear a walkway to the truck. If you have pets, we recommend either placing them in a room and shutting the door or having a friend watch them while this process takes place.
  • Final Check – Once everything is packed in the truck and vehicles, do a final walkthrough of the house. Check every room, basement and attic for any stray boxes, furniture, etc. Open all the cupboards and make sure you did not forget to pack anything.
  • Take a breather – You just did a lot, take a moment to relax a little. You have earned it!

Now that you are all done with the packing and ready to get on the road to your new destination, it is time to start the adventure. With the checklist in hand, your move will be much easier and will address all your needs on time management and budget.