Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Everyone knows that moving can very stressful and taxing physically and mentally. Moving while pregnant, however, is a whole new beast. Pregnancy can make everything more difficult, and of course moving is no exception. If you must move, you must move. Cheap Cheap Moving boxes talked with customers that were pregnant during their move to get some firsthand tips and advice on what to do and what not to do.

Do not Move

The number one way to save the stress is to not move at all, try to postpone the moving date until you have had the baby. Unfortunately, some families and couples do not have this option and must continue with their move.

Find Help

It is hard to think of a smarter answer to this situation. The smartest thing to do is to hire movers during the pregnancy. “I wouldn’t move without them,” said Anne Fritz, a freelance writer who had completed a move the day before she gave birth. “It was worth the extra money to have the movers pack all my belongings, including the kitchen.” There are a lot of moving companies out there that offer services such as packing your belongings, assembly, and disassembly of furniture, and much more. You can also purchase any moving supplies prior to the movers coming.

Start Packing Early

Even if you hire a moving company to help with the packing, you will want to talk to family and friends to get their help as well. You will want to start the packing early. There are some items that you will just want to pack yourself such as electronics, safe contents, documents, etc. Purchase moving boxes and moving supplies for these types of items. Have these packed away using the moving supplies and boxes before the moving company and hired help shows up.

Plan and Delegate

“Even though you are pregnant, you should still participate in the organization of the move,” says K. Windleton of Tuxedo Moving. It will help with the stress levels to stay on top of everything and will help maintain stability and keep everyone focused. Make sure that you have a plan in place. Once the plan is established, delegate down to friends, family, and movers. Have a list of responsibilities for each party will keep each part of the move accounted for and that everything is done in a timely and effective manner.

Make sure that your plan of attack has tasks to do before the movers show up. “The mistake I made was leaving everything, including the essentials to be packed and ordered the day of the move,” says Fritz. When moving make sure to use the Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist.

When in Doubt, Butt Out

While pregnant, especially later in pregnancy, you should not be lifting or carrying anything heavy. All this work can create pressure on not only your body but can add stress to the baby. “If you are going to have to lift boxes during the move, follow this guideline: If in doubt, butt out,” says maternity expert Sami Cattach. “This will help you use more of the strong muscles of your legs and but, rather than your back.” Another great tip is not to hold your breath during lifting, this can cause excessive amount of pressure on the spine, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor. Breathe out when lifting.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keeping calm on moving day will help remove any stresses. Make sure to eat normally at your regular hours, this will ensure that you will have energy during even the most exhausting parts of the day. Also make sure to drink plenty of water. Hydration is key. If anything goes wrong, keep in mind a few minor mishaps are not worth the turmoil. A few broken items will and can be fixed or replaced, especially if the opted for moving insurance. Keep a positive attitude and remember the sense of change is not as grand as it seems can help women that are pregnant, and their expected child get through the insane stresses of moving day.