Your Handy Moving box and Supplies List

Moving Supplies List that Will Conquer Your Move

The paperwork has been signed. They keys have been handed over. The deal is finally done. It is Now official: You are now in the process of selling your home. Which also means that you need to start planning your move.

It is a joy to buying a new home, starting a new career, or just relocating to somewhere new, but the moving part just stinks. All the excitement starts to fade when you realize all the sorting, packing, possible garage sales, loading and unloading you will have to deal with.

One important thing is not to just wing it. This can cause a lot more problems and end up costing you more money. You will not want to have to hurry up and pack the night before the movers or the moving truck shows up.

Moving sometimes is compared to a hangover the next morning after drinking. You may have had a good time, but you will pay for it in the morning. With the right tools and right mindset, the process of moving can be a lot easier than expected.

Moving Checklist

Here are the items you will need to make your move a success:

The Basics: Moving Supplies


Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes. It will feel like you are overwhelmed by moving boxes. You will need more than you think. When packing a 3-bedroom home it may take anywhere from 90-110 moving boxes.

With the pandemic going on it is recommended that you purchase the boxes instead of finding free boxes. The COVID-19 virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Also, you will be able to purchase all the box sizes you are going to need instead of hoping that the free boxes will work for your move. Here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes if you have unused boxes that you purchased through us; we will buy them back from you. Making it even more affordable.

You will want to have a good mix in sizes. The go to boxes for customer is Large, medium, small, and wardrobe moving boxes. All different size boxes will make your move go smoothly and your will be less stressed.

If you are not sure how many boxes that you will need or just want a better estimate, here is a handy packing calculator. It will ask you questions like:

  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Minimalist or a pack rat
  • Number of people in the home

From this it will give you a rough estimate of the number of moving boxes that will be needed.

Make sure to purchase specialty boxes such as TV boxes for your flat screens. You will not want those to become damaged in your move.

Plastic Wrap

You never know when stretch wrap is going to come in handy during your move. You are going to want to use it to wrap dresser drawers in place. Also use it to secure moving pads into place on your sofas and couches. This will help keep furniture clean and protected while loading and unloading.

We offer two different sizes wide and narrow. You will want to use the wide plastic stretch wrap for large items, furniture, and appliances. The narrow wrap is perfect for covering and bundling items together such as curtain rods and more.

Packing Paper

With the world entering the digital age, who still gets a daily newspaper delivered to their home? If you do then you can use that for packing but beware when using newspaper for packing ink may rub off on the items. If you do not want to take that chance, then you will want to purchase blank newsprint also know as packing paper.

Packing paper is most useful for dishes, glasses, and other fragile items. You can watch videos on how to pack each one perfectly for your move.

Bubble Wrap

There are a lot of articles out there that are all about which is the best packing and wrapping material. Guess what? They both work perfect for different situations and are both recommend for your move. You can see how they are both used in unison with packing a wine glass video.

Packing paper is best to fill voids and to add a layer of protection between items. Whereas bubble wrap is perfect for lining boxes and adding that layer of protection for fragile items.

Furniture and Moving Blankets

You have searched online to see what the difference between and furniture pad, moving blanket, and a moving pad is? Well, we are here to tell you that they are all the same things. There is no difference but the name. Moving blankets are important if you have nice items. They also have multiple purposes that you can use them for even after your move. They can be used for sound proofing, storage protection, and blankets for your pets. Use moving pads on tables, chairs, and sofas.

Mattress Bags

You may be thinking to yourself; do I really need a giant plastic bag for my mattress? Or is this just a way that moving supply companies use to make more money off me? Nope, this is an item that you do not want to skip over. Mattress covers will protect your mattress from dirt, grime, dust, and moisture. Sperry Hutchinson says, “A clean bed is something everyone takes for granted.” Oh, and they will help protect from unwanted critters like spiders, roaches, and most important bed bugs.

Frame Boxes

Framed artwork, pictures and glass tabletops are usually the biggest victims to acquire damage during your move. Frame boxes combined with packing paper is the perfect solution for this issue. You can learn how to pack these items like the pros with our frame box video.