7 Tips for Moving Your Business or Office Space

The company you work for is moving either into a larger building due to growth or to a smaller building due to downsizing. A lot of the times employees can be excited for the upcoming move but are dreading the chaos that moving a business entail. Either way, you will want to plan out the move and make the moving process as stress-free as possible.

Here are 7 Valuable Tips for a Successful Business Move

Create A Moving Plan

When it comes to moving an office, there is no such thing as being to prepared. You will wan to get organized ahead of time. The more time before the move the better.

You will want to map out your current office space and the new office space. These plans are the ‘Before’ and ‘After’. They should include all the layouts for individual offices, common places, general office space, etc.

The company will also want to have a moving schedule as well. The schedule should include when moving boxes and supplies will be arriving. Create an allotment for each area that will be packed and when it should be packed. It is best to do phased moving when it comes to office space. This will minimize the downtown of the business.

Create a good labeling system and make sure to communicate this to your employees and movers. This will make it easier for when you are at your new destination where all items need to go. You do not want to get to the new office and guess where items belong, then must move them again because they are in the wrong area.

Nominate or hire a moving manager. This will be the main point of contact on moving day. Make sure that all staff and movers have this contact’s information.

Trying using software like Slack, SharePoint, or Google Docs for your moving plan. Online space such as these will make sure that all employees know the moving schedule and any other information that is needed.

Have a Plan B

There is always a possibility for unforeseen problems and issues to arise. During the time you are creating your moving plan, make sure to plan for any types of disruptions like delays, staff sicknesses, road closures, etc. This will help create less stress on moving day. If you are planning on just using your staff for the move, then it is key to have room and timeframes for each office that needs to be moved. Usually, companies will hire moving companies to do their move, so that any type of employee issues will not interfere with the companies move.

Opportunity to Make Changes

This is the perfect time to reorganize the layout of the office. You can always keep things the same, but why not shake things up a bit. Move departments that work well together closer, separate any employees that are a distraction to one another to boast productivity. You will never get a better change to reorganize and restructure the company layout.

Sell the Move

It is important to have all employees on board with the move. Hold meetings that explain the reasons you are moving and focus on the benefits. Create packets for the employees that have moving times, plans, and personalized instructions if needed. Once the move is over, why not have a celebration to show your appreciation, take the staff out to dinner or cater dinner to the new location. This will boast employee morale.

Prioritize It

Currently, IT is a critical part of any business, you will want to ensure a smooth transition when it comes to the move.

Get together with the Head of IT and create a separate moving schedule for that department. Depending on what needs to be setup, this department will probably be moving into the new building earlier than everyone else. They will need to switch any ISPs, cameras, wiring, and configuring any network hardware.

When it comes to the electronics in offices, you will want to pick up poly bags for computers and boxes. Wrap monitors and any item that needs to be protected from moisture or static electricity. Use plastic bags to wrap cords and cables to boxes or the monitors themselves. No need to have to go hunting for a power cord.

Order Quality Moving Equipment and Supplies

You will want to invest in the proper moving supplies, boxes, and equipment. Using new moving boxes is important. Do not use Used moving boxes when it comes to a professional move. Plan on each office using at least 3-4 boxes. Most moving box companies sell moving kits that would be perfect for a business move. Order plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. For heavier items make sure to purchase furniture dollies. No reason for your employees or movers to get hurt.

Cleaning Schedule

Hire a cleaning crew to come in and deep clean your old offices. It is always nice to leave your old office in a great state for new occupants. Use the same idea on your new office space as well. Nothing like walking into a new freshly cleaned and hygienic environment.

If you follow these 7 easy tips to ensure that your move goes smoothly and hassle-free, you will be ahead of the game and your employees and staff will enjoy it even more.