What You Need to Know Before Moving to San Antonio, Texas

Texas is home to some of the most iconic cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin. But are they the best cities to live in? That is where San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas, is climbing in the ranks. There are so many people relocating to San Antonio that it was in the top five fastest growing cities in the nation in 2018-2019.

Let us consider why you might want to live in Texas. They have no state income tax, which is probably one of the largest draws for relocating here. There is also plenty of job opportunities no matter what city you decide to live in.

San Antonio, believe it or not, is one of the most family friendly metro areas in the Lone Star State. If you plan on moving to San Antonio with a family, then this will be the ideal stop for you.

Housing Market is Affordable

One of the nicest benefits of living in San Antonio is that it is still very affordable to purchase a home in on of the top neighborhoods here. Unless you are planning on living downtown, where is can be a little more expensive, just like any other city. If you are looking to buy a home, do not hesitate. The median home price in the area has been on a steep increase over the past couple of years.

The median home price in just around $180,000, which is below the national average, 29% below the national average to be exact. Surprisingly, over half the homes in the San Antonio area were all listed under $200,000.

San Antonio has Picturesque Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in the City

Alamo Heights

This section of the city is located just north of downtown. It is also an area that is home to a lot of old money. You will find a great mixture of eclectic and older homes mixed in this area.

The home prices here can range from $300,000 to well over $1.5 million. It is home to one of the most popular school districts in San Antonio, Alamo Heights School District. Many people move to this part of the city just for the school district. You will also find some of the most historical and expensive real estate in Alamo Heights.

Stone Oak

Stone Oak is one the best family-friendly neighborhoods in San Antonio. The area has a vast selection of boutique style shops and many gated subdivisions and is home to many Mexican nationals. When it comes to schooling, Stone Oak is severed by coveted Regan High School and North East Independent School District.

When looking for a home in Stone Oak, be ready to be spending in between $250,000 and $1 million with many of the house starting at around $300,000.

Downtown San Antonio

If you are not looking for an everyday suburban life, and want to be where all the action is, join the other city residents in some of the most exciting parts of downtown San Antonio. Because of the vast city growth, the city has been reinvesting in a lot of the areas like River Walk and Pearl Brewery District. It is becoming a place that millennials desire to live.

Most of the single-family housing has become not too affordable in the area, there are more apartment complexes and condominiums being built. There are a lot more young and old families without children buying or renting in this area. New homes start around $300,000 and climb astronomically from there.

The Suburbs of San Antonio


Located in Texas Hill Country and just about 30 miles northwest of San Antonio, this is a rural town that has undergone some commercial development in the last 10 years. Many families move here for the schools that are much smaller compared to San Antonio city district.

Some of the most expensive real estate for the suburbs is in Boerne, starting at around $250,000. Even so, Boerne still maintains its small town feel with many newer conveniences like retail developments.


Just minutes away for one of the largest attractions in Texas, Sea World Texas, this San Antonio suburb is small but growing. The amount of land that is still available is one of the biggest draws for Helotes. If you are looking for a home with acreage, then look no further. This small town also houses one of the most premier high schools in Texas, O’Connor.

With a mix of older homes and newer designs, you will be able to find a home in the price range of $200,000 to $1 million in Helotes.


Like all the other suburbs of San Antonio, this area is a fast-growing small town. Many people are moving to Schertz for the schools which are smaller and offer families the option of quality education. Another reason people are relocating here is due to the affordable housing costs. You can still buy a home in Schertz for under $200,000. More house less money.

This small town is also home to may military families and as well as commuters to San Antonio or Austin.

Lower Income Taxes

Residents of San Antonio get to enjoy a cost-of-living that is just below the national average. This is because of the lower housing costs and as well as the no state income tax.

Just because there is no state income tax does not mean you are free from taxes, remember that the sales and property taxes are slightly higher due to this. You will be paying around 8.25% for sales tax and around 2% for property taxes. It may seem like a lot, but it is still less than states such as New York or Illinois.

When looking at other cities in Texas to compare San Antonio, it still is 13.5% less expensive than Dallas. The median home cost in Dallas is 22% higher than San Antonio. Transportation, Housing, and utility costs are the biggest contributors to the spending gap.

Employment is Easy to Find in San Antonio

The employment rate is well below the national average in San Antonio. The city saw a 3% growth in jobs from 2016-2017, which is higher than most other cities in Texas. San Antonio is a great place for jobs and affordable living.

The Alamo city maintains a significant military presence, with the Air Force boot camp located here, and has success in various health, schooling, and work programs. Many active and retired military personnel make it home at and around the Joint Base, which provides jobs throughout Randolph Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, and Lackland Air Force Base.

Other booming industries to take not of are manufacturing, bioscience, healthcare, renewable energy, and education. One of the biggest differences in San Antonio compared to other Texan cities is that it is a tourist destination.

San Antonio can be Relaxing

The Quality of life in San Antonio is very desirable for a large-scale metropolitan area. Nature lovers, sports fans and their families will love living here. With amusement parks nearby such as LEGOLAND Discover Center, San Antonio Zoo, and many beautiful parks you will have plenty of fun options to choose from.

The summers tend to be hot, the winter weather is mild, and the spring can be wet with the frequent rains. If you have severe seasonal allergies than San Antonio may not be the right choice.

If you enjoy the outdoors, which can be available year-round, San Antonio has some incredible greenage like Brackenridge Park.

Kids can Learn Spanish at a Young Age

Students in the Northside ISD are offered a Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program which promotes bilingual and bicultural learning in both English and Spanish. There are also plenty of private institutions that offer families education that will fit their needs.

San Antonio is home to over 25 different colleges and universities. Where they educate over 100,000 students a year.

Traffic is Better than Houston or Dallas

Just like any other thriving cities in the nation or in Texas, traffic can be a major headache due to rapid growth and the insufficient existing infrastructure. Yes, traffic does exist in San Antonio, but it is not as congested as other Texan cities like Dallas or Houston.

In a recent report, only 8 of the 100 most gridlocked roads in Texas are in San Antonio. Comparing that to Houston who has 45 and Austin which has 15.

Transportation is not only limited to cars in San Antonio. If you live in or around the downtown area, you will be able to commute by bike or public transportation. Biking is one of the biggest leisure’s in San Antonio with the many bike trails.

If you will need to travel for work, do not expect many direct flights out of the San Antonio airport. It is small and limited. One bonus though is that you will find many inexpensive direct flights such as to Chicago.

The Food is Delicious

Texans take their food culture seriously, especially when it comes to their Mexican food and margaritas. In San Antonio, just like other parts of Texas, you will be able to find some of the best Tex-Mex and Texas-style BBQ. A trip to San Antonio is not complete if you have not visited any of these styles of restaurants.

San Antonio is for History Buffs

San Antonio is a bustling city that feels modern and with the times, but what the city is really known for is its Old West history. One of the largest legendary battles, The Alamo, was fought here. The city embraces its past as well as its current culture. San Antonio celebrates many different cultures from around the world in many different and meaningful ways.

Sports are Abound in San Antonio

The sports are large and in charge in Texas, everything is bigger in Texas. Despite the popularity of football in Texas, it is sad to say that with San Antonio being so large, it still does not have an NFL team’s backing.

But fear not, there are plenty of other sports for their sporting scene. You can always go see the San Antonio Spurs or make a trip to see The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. You can grab a hot dog and a drink at the San Antonio Missions game.