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Tips and tricks on how you can make your life easier while moving!

Moving to Columbus, Ohio, Is Easy When Knowing These Facts

Over the past 10 years, the city of Columbus, Ohio, has become a real estate heaven. In 2018, Forbes online reported that Columbus has become the 14th largest city in the country, and is experiencing a growth of over 10%. With those numbers, if you are planning on moving to “Cbus” you will be in good company. Low Cost of Living and Diverse Job Market The cost of living in Columbus is below the national average, sitting below by 10%, according to When it comes to housing,...


What You Need to Know Before Moving to Atlanta, Georgia

The metro area of Atlanta is currently the fourth fastest growing area in the country. It has a diverse community, reasonably affordable housing, and a booming economy, it is no wonder why thousands of people are moving to the Atlanta area from all over the nation. It is easy to fall for the abundant green space, decades of rich history, and award-winning restaurants and cuisine. Atlanta has some of the highest job growth, best businesses, and some of the best and most desirable neighborhoods....


What You Need to Know Before Moving to San Antonio, Texas

Texas is home to some of the most iconic cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin. But are they the best cities to live in? That is where San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas, is climbing in the ranks. There are so many people relocating to San Antonio that it was in the top five fastest growing cities in the nation in 2018-2019. Let us consider why you might want to live in Texas. They have no state income tax, which is probably one of the largest draws for relocating here. There is...


Moving to Phoenix? What you need to Know

Is Phoenix a good place to live? It may be ideally the perfect place to visit during the winter months if you live up north. Phoenix has 16 million people traveling to the metro area a year. A lot of times, people who are tourist later become residents. Phoenix is known for its high number of transplants from all around the nation. Currently the Phoenix metro area and it surrounding suburbs have seen a large population increase in the past 5 years. It is now home to 1.6 million people and...


11 Reasons For Moving to Houston, Texas

Houston is an amazing city and is also the fourth largest city in the U.S. According to census reports, Houston has grown by 10.7% between 2010 and 2019. Furthermore, this large city is expected to grow even more between 2021 and 2029. It is not hard to see why this Texas city is such an attractive place for many people. A large growing job market combined with a low cost of living and excellent weather year-round makes Houston a great choice for a growing family. So, downfalls that come along...


What You Should Know About Moving to Los Angeles

You may hear others tell you that if you can make it in LA, you can make it in New York. Well, that is true, but do not think that it works the other way around. Los Angeles has a population of over 4 million people and is not really a mild-mannered city. This is a city of dreamers, hustlers, and people chasing after the others that have dreams. You will be able to see all this unfold on freeways, backlots, apartments, condos, and of course the many huge mansions. Moving to Los Angeles Los...


What You Should Know About Moving to Chicago

The Windy City is calling! It may be for your job or because you are interested in living in a big city. Other reasons people are moving to the Chicago is because of the sports, it is a shocker, but they are moving there due to being a sports fan. Chicago is a large city; it is the third-largest city in the U.S. by population. This can take more time to adjust, not everyone adjusts quickly to their new surroundings. Be prepared to endure harsh winters, which can bring temperatures below zero....


What You Need to Know Before Moving to New York City

You have decided to move to New York City, The Big Apple. More than likely your friends and family members are coming to you and telling you one of two things. One, this is the greatest idea you have ever had, moving to a large city, a place where they can come visit and site see. Or two, that this is the worst idea you have ever had, and you have lost your mind. Well, both are kind of true. The Big Apple can mystify and thwart you in a heartbeat. If you are not familiar with life in a big...