What You Need to Know Before Moving to New York City

You have decided to move to New York City, The Big Apple.

More than likely your friends and family members are coming to you and telling you one of two things. One, this is the greatest idea you have ever had, moving to a large city, a place where they can come visit and site see. Or two, that this is the worst idea you have ever had, and you have lost your mind. Well, both are kind of true.

The Big Apple can mystify and thwart you in a heartbeat. If you are not familiar with life in a big city, then a move hear can be like jumping out of a moving vehicle. Securing your roots may be harder than digging through the concrete with your bare hands. This is the city of hustling. Why is that? New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the US.

Moving to New York City

5 Boroughs of New York City

When moving to New York, you will want to do your research on the different boroughs, and which one will be the best fit for you and your family. Here are some of the best neighborhoods.

Manhattan: Times Square, Yorkville, Central Harlem, Upper East Side, East Village, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side.

Brooklyn: Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene.

Bronx: South Bronx, Riverdale, Mott Haven, Jerome Park, Belmont, Norwood, Spuyten Duyvil.

Queens: Flushing, Astoria, Long Island City, Ridgewood, Rockaway Beach

Staten Island: Lighthouse Hill, Midland Beach, West Brighton, St. George, Tompkinsville, Todt Hill, New Dorp, New Brighton.

New Jersey is only across the river and may be an option to look at. Consider Jersey City or Hoboken, these cities offer an easier commuter to what New York has to offer.

New York City at a Glance

New York City Collage

Not only is New York City known as The Big Apple, but it is also known as The City that Never Sleeps. New York is always changing and always moving. Here are some stats about NYC that you should know before making the choice of moving to this big city.

Things to Know About New York City

1. Keep It Hyper-Local

new york taxis

One must admire their local surroundings. On average 90% of your experience in New York will be a ten-block radius around your dwelling. New York neighborhoods are thriving with ethnic demographics, deep cultural traditions, and cuisines. This true for any of the neighborhoods. Live it, Love it, Enjoy it! This is what makes New York a crown jewel of the US. Make sure to keep the lights of curiosity on.

2. Gentrification

Gentrification in New York City

Gentrification is an ongoing topic of conversation throughout social media and other media outlets. Due to the city’s resurgence in popularity with the younger generations and creatives, many of the neighborhoods are quickly changing. This is brining on higher rents and diminishing historic microcultures. Learn about the cultures of that neighborhood and be sensitive to those families that remain and have been there for generations.

3. Seize the Exotic!

Entertainment, cuisine, and nightlife comes in many forms and NYC has a vast array of it. If you do not embrace the unusual, be ready to be considered as basic as a Nathan’s hot dog. Explore the Big Apple do not just stay in your living room and watch the outside from your window. As the great Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

4. Pick Up the Pace

NYC Etiquette

One thing you never want to do is get in a New Yorkers way when walking. Yes, they can be helpful and friendly people, but if you get in their way while in the NYC walking flow, you will see a whole different person. If you must stop, step to the side of the sidewalk and not in the middle. Are you and your friends moving about in the city? Remember you are not the defensive line for the Jets, be courteous and walk either single or double file. You may have just moved to the City that Never Sleeps, do not have other residents think that you are tourist and gawk at everything. Step aside and let them go about their day.

5. Stay Connected

New York is constantly changing and moving in all directions, it is important make your mark in your community. There are a lot of residents and people in New York which would make you think that it would be a lonely experience, but it can be if you do not join in with your community. Get involved with local gardens, offer your expertise to charity, get to know your local drinking hole and its employees. This is how you will be remembered and will not be just another disappearing face in the Big Apple.

6. Communal Living

Friends Communal Living

If you will be living downtown or in any of the boroughs be prepared to have a high cost of rent. This city is EXPENSIVE! Just think of the show “Friends”, they had multiple people living in an apartment or a loft. As stated above, the average 1-bedroom apartment is $3,100/month and the average salary is $78,000. Do the math:

$78,000 / 12 = $6,500

$6,500 - $3,150 = $3,350

Just paying rent, half of your monthly pay is already spent, and that is before taxes are taken. If you are single and looking to move to NYC, then be prepared to look for roommates.

7. Short Term Leases

    One of the greatest parts of this transient city is that you have many options when it comes to renting. Try leasing a sublet apartment before making any decisions on calling a place home. This is also another great way to meet new people and you will be able to get use to the insanity of living in this large city. There are plenty of websites out there that you will be able to find sublet apartments. This is also the perfect way to test out the neighborhood.

    8. Stand Clear

    Shoving People into Subway

    In this great city, public transportation is your best friend or your worst enemy. One highly recommendation is to purchase the monthly pass for the public transportation, or you will see you bank account dwindle quickly. This is a city that you can live in without owning a car or truck. In the long run it is cheaper not to have to pay parking and storage of your vehicle. Use a bike to get around but watch out for those opening car doors. The streets are also flooded with yellow cabs and Ubers, but these will also chip away at your bank account.

    9. Pinch Your Pennies!

    Around every corner in New York, there is a way to spend your money. You will need to develop a way to create blinders to stay aware of your financial stability. Living in NYC, it is possible to have $100 in your wallet one minute and it is gone the next. Make sure to plan a budget and to stash extra cash for emergencies.

    10. Pre-Game Before Hitting the Bar

    When going out with friends and enjoying the nightlife, be prepared to pay a premium on drinks. You already know that your rent is high, and this is the same for the bars and clubs. Their prices in rent are reflected in their drink costs. It is not unheard of for a non-well mixed drinking running you $17 in a Manhattan bar. If you are looking for some more affordable drinking places, then go and check out Brooklyn and Queens. The vibes here are just like the Upper West Side, but you will not be paying the premium on drinks, well not as much. You are looking on spending around $12 per mixed drink.

    11. Safety First

    The last thing you are going to want is to place a target on your back pointing out that you are new to the area. New York is one of the safest large cities, but that does not mean for you to throw out common sense. Use your brain, stay out of bad areas and neighborhoods late at night. Use those brain cells.

    12. Parking Like a Ninja

    If you do choose to have a car in New York, then be prepared for parking restrictions. You will need to move your vehicle at least a couple of times a week for street cleaning. You will also need to pay attention to where you park. Getting a parking ticket or tickets can get awfully expensive. If you are not careful, you may even get your vehicle towed. To get your car out of impound the same day will cost a minimum of $200.

    13. Hit the Beach!

    Everyone knows of Coney Island, but there are so many other beaches. Some of these beaches are private or semi-private. These beaches line the shores of Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. The summer months can get hot, and the beaches are a great way to cool off. Most of the beaches are easily accessible by public transportation. If the beaches are not your thing, then take an adventure in Central Park, which has over 800 acres.

    14. Healthy Routines

    With all the neon lights and noises, it becomes extremely easy to be overwhelmed. Also, with all the excitement, the nightlife, and amazing restaurants, you will notice that there is truly little peace and quiet. After awhile you will want to just set in your apartment with Netflix on and your cell phone on silent. Getting burnt out is easy to do in New York. Take an adventure and check out the local nature. Escape the city and head north to the mountains. This will be a well needed breath of fresh air that you need.