How to Keep Your Home Organized

Learn how to keep your home organized all week by doing these small tasks each day. By doing these four items, you will be able to maintain an organized clutter-free home and spend more time doing the things that you enjoy!

You have just walked in the door from work, and you walk into a world of chaos. There are dirty dishes in the sink, half eaten food in bowls and plates on the counter or table, and just like most an unmade bed. You may have had a busy day and your pajamas, Netflix, and a nice glass of red wine is calling your name, but you feel the disgust of all the clutter. Does this sound familiar? Due to you working during the week, keeping your house organized is a whole other challenge.

It is important to keep and build the foundation of a clean home when you have the time. During the week you will want to interact with your family, relax, and keep the cleaning to the minimum.

Therefore, we are going to teach you how to keep your home organized with just a few easy days to day organization habits. These habits require very little time and effort. It does not have to take hours to maintain an organized home, well that all depends on how messy you let it get. With a few everyday items to complete, you can clean just a little bit and still enjoy the rest of your night.

Home Organization Tasks to Complete Daily

Declutter Your Counters

This may seem like one of the most obvious tasks, and yet, it can be challenging. The key to this task to organize your counters once and then maintain them the best you can in the morning or evening. Once it is organized, you will only need to take a couple of minutes to complete each day.

Take Five Minutes Each Day

  • Put dishes away and load the dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, then just rinse of the dishes. This will make your life easier when you come back to wash them.
  • Declutter your space. Mail? Try to go through and organize your mail as soon as it comes in. Throw away any junk mail and file others where they belong such as bills and coupons. Any knick-knacks on the counter? Place them out of sight. Everyone has that one drawer know as the “Junk Drawer,” it may be organized chaos, but it is a place to store odds and ends.
  • Add some personal touches. Whether that it may be some flowers, picture frame, or showing off one of your child’s artwork. This will keep your counter bright and happy. Surprisingly, this will also motivate you to keep that countertop clean.

Make the Bed

“A messy bed is a messy head.” That is what my mom has always told me and my other siblings. Everyday before we went to school or left the house, our bed had to be made. It is such a simple task, and it helps sets your day up for success.

Do not let the job of making the bed linger. When you wake up and get going for the day, the first step should be making the bed. Do not create any excuses to put it off. If you keep the bedding simple, it will be easy to make, and you will create a relaxing space. Take pride in your bedroom.

This simple and easy task will help you get the momentum started to keep the rest of your home organized. So, take the little bit of time and effort to make your bed every morning.

Make Sure All the Belongings Have a Place

If your belongings do not have a specific place to live, then good luck keeping your house organized. As everyone goes about their day, items may shift around the home. Without a plan on where that item goes, then you have chaos and stuff will be everywhere.

Odds and ends can be the hardest to organize. Visit your local stores and find baskets for the small and difficult items. The bathroom is a place where organization is key. Ladies make sure to place makeup back in its spot, or soon your counter will be buried. This only takes a couple of minutes at the time but may take up a lot more of your time if you let it all pile up.

Have a plan in place to make sure everything is placed back where it belongs. It will ensure that you will not have a large mess to clean by the end of the week and will give you more time on the weekend to do what to want.

Keep a To-Do List

We get it, you are busy, just like everyone else. Not everyone can be a June Cleaver. There are going to be larger tasks that you will want to complete but will take up more time. These types of tasks are perfect for your days off or weekends. Make a to-do list. Break the list down to daily tasks and other tasks that may take a little longer and may not need to be finished that day.

This will serve as a list of items you want to complete but will be finished when you have some free time.

Have some fun with the paper you choose for the list. Find something that is visually appealing. The chores and items on the list may not be fun, but why not make the paper fun.

Keeping your home tidy and organized can be simple if you build the habits of daily life routine. And yes, the hardest part is getting it started. That is why you should start with something small each day, such as making your bed. It does really get the momentum started.