11 Reasons For Moving to Houston, Texas

Houston is an amazing city and is also the fourth largest city in the U.S. According to census reports, Houston has grown by 10.7% between 2010 and 2019. Furthermore, this large city is expected to grow even more between 2021 and 2029.

It is not hard to see why this Texas city is such an attractive place for many people. A large growing job market combined with a low cost of living and excellent weather year-round makes Houston a great choice for a growing family. So, downfalls that come along with this city are the summer heat, vulnerability to hurricanes, and long commutes can be turnoffs for some people.

A lot of the times cities like Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio get most of the attention, Houston has carved out its place as city for both families and singles. Houston is one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities in the nation, making it a great choice if you are looking to experience new cultures.

Houston is Affordable.

Houston has a far lower cost of living than other large metropolitan cities like San Francisco or New York. Combine this with no state income tax and higher salaries, you will notice that you may have more money in the bank account each month.

In a recent study by The Zebra in Feb. 2020, Houston also gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to home buying. You also must take into consideration that depending on where you live in the city, the costs can vary. If you live closer to your job and save money on gas and a shorter commute time, but your living expenses may be higher due to living closer to downtown.

Pros and Cons Cost of Living

Pro: House prices are less than Austin or Dallas

Pro: Energy costs are competitive due to fewer regulations

Pro: No state income tax

Con: Higher insurance costs

Con: Higher property taxes and sales tax

Houston Living is Simple

Home to many inner waterways, Houston is sometimes called the Bayou City. They provide natural barriers that form some of Houston’s most desirable neighborhoods and outlying cities and towns.

The most significant marker in Houston is “the loop.” This is formed by the 610 highway that encircles Houston creating barrier to surrounding neighborhoods and help provides a geographical reference for destinations throughout the city. The inner loop is home to downtown Houston along with the denser population areas and contains most of the sporting events, city parks, restaurants, and theaters. Most of the housing in the inner loop consist of apartments and townhomes, whereas the outside loop is highly populated with single-family homes.

Before choosing the inner or outer loop, you should investigate all different costs that will help you with your decision like daily commute, proximity to work, and of course housing costs.

Houston is home to the city diversity such as posh neighborhoods with high-end entertainment, low-income areas, and everything in between. When you are trying to pick the perfect neighborhood to call home, consider where you plan on spending most of your time. If you work in the spring but live downtown, you will have to contend with a minimum of 35 minutes of commute each day. If you are a person that loves the nightlife, then you may want to look for a place in the inner loop which gives the best access to the city’s best nightlife.

Best Houston Neighborhoods

East Downtown

Also known as EaDo, this niche neighborhood is very urban and originally was home to a large Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. After these immigrants resettled to other places in the city, East Downtown became an essential part of residence of downtown Houston. You will be within walking distance of restaurants and sporting arenas. Due to the stadiums and arenas, it may get a little noisy and congested for some.

West University

This neighborhood is situated just west of Rice University, is a quiet and walkable area. It is also one of the most family-friendly areas within the inner loop.

The Heights

This is the up-and-coming hip neighborhood where the residents pride themselves being the “Inner-Loopers.” Most of the posh areas are located here and is home to a quirky nightlife, amazing restaurants and bars, and many health and fitness studios to choose.

River Oaks

Houston’s most high-end neighborhood which is home to large mansions and estates inside the loop. A quiet Sunday evening drive is a great way to spend time in this area even if you cannot afford the high living costs or properties.

Best Houston Suburbs

Sugar Land

Located in one of the largest growing counties in Texas and the country, Sugar Land helps aid that growth. This small town meets your suburban living needs with a town square for community events and shopping and is in the center.


This is one of the hottest markets in the surrounding areas of Houston. There are plenty of trees, new development, and one of the best school districts in Texas.

The Woodlands

This suburb is home to just over 90,000 residents and has an affordable median home price at around $365,000. Just as the name implies, The Woodlands has a lot of open space with greenage and nature, along with small and quaint shopping centers. The cost of living may be higher than most other areas, but the great schools and safe neighborhoods make it an ideal choice for any family. If you are employed in the gas or oil industry, living in this area will give you easy access to companies like Repsol and ExxonMobil.


A smaller town compared to the rest on of the suburbs on this list, is home to about 16,000 people and is more affordable than The Woodlands. Katy is becoming a more popular area to move to due to the nearby energy corridor and Memorial City area. Katy also has one of the top school districts in the area.

Home Buying with Modest Income

One of the best draws for people moving to Houston is the reasonable price housing market. You can find a home on average just below $200,000. These houses are large with ample yard space to accommodate any family.

Just like other major metropolitan areas, living in the city is significantly higher than those in surrounding suburbs. Shabby areas in the inner loop have seen a rise in development into trendy urban communities over the last couple of years.

When selecting the perfect Texas neighborhood, you should take in consideration commute times and possible flood risk. If you are looking to relocate to the Houston area, make sure to use a well-versed realtor. Be on the look for homes that may be prices at a to good to be true value. A lot of times these homes have either recently flooded or are within a flood damage danger zone. COVID-19 has significantly affected the home buying in Houston and it is still unclear what the lasting effects it will have on the market.

Population in Houston is Booming

In recent years, Houston has been seeing a huge increase in Oil, Gas, Medical, Aerospace, and Tech industries. This is a great option for engineers, medical professionals, and scientists. Houston also has loose zoning laws which creates a blurry point for residential and business. It is not uncommon to see offices near housing.

Houston is home to the largest medical facility in the world. Many graduates are pouring into Houston to fill positions at hospitals, including the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. If you are looking to further your education, then you are in close to Baylor College of Medicine.

Another industry that is seeing a lot of growth in Houston is the airlines. Bush Intercontinental Airport is a major hub for United Airlines.

The increase of young talent has also created an up-and-coming entrepreneurial environment. Houston is ranked as one of the best cities for entrepreneurs and startups. Co-working spaces are big in Houston such as Novel Coworking and Station Houston help provide office space for these startups and entrepreneurs.

Top Houston Industries: Energy, Aerospace and Aviation, Distribution, Manufacturing, Life Science/Medical

Bring Your Vehicle

In other metropolitan areas we would suggest selling your vehicle. In Houston you can bring your vehicle, due to it not being the most walkable city. While there are many neighborhoods that are walkable, it is not very ideal and is nearly impossible to walk from one to the other. Affordable street parking and gas prices makes driving more tolerable.

Top Schools and Universities

Houston has one of the largest school districts in the state of Texas. The Houston Independent School District operates over 250 schools. The larger the district means the more available resources are to its students. HISD has earn many accolades and was received Best High Schools by the US News due to their aggressive AP programs.

Secondary education is ample due to the number of top-rated universities in the state. In-state tuition is greatly discounted for these schools. Rice University is considered the Ivy League of the South.

Top Texas Universities: The University of Texas, Texas A&M, The University of Houston, Texas Tech University

Food Scene

Houston has much more to offer than their already well known TexMex and BBQ scene. The city has ethnic cuisine from all over the world, dishes you will only find there, and many award-winning chefs.

It is hard to believe but you could eat at a new and different restaurant each day for a full year without running out. Houston also has an ample supply of food trucks, making grabbing a meal during lunch at work a breeze.

Selfcare if Part of Houston Culture

Rest assured that Houston is packed with CrossFit, Pilates, Yoga, and a variety of other health and fitness centers. Are you looking for endurance events? Well, Galveston and The Woodlands both hold an annual Ironman Texas, and Houston holds the Chevron Houston Marathon in January which sees on average a total of 40,000 runners.

After a busy day at the gym, you are looking for a place to unwind, Houston also has amazing skincare and massage centers.

Plenty of Recreation for All Ages

Living in Houston is a unique blend of modern city lifestyle and Texas Traditions. What makes this city such an ideal place to live is all the different places to visit and things to do, many which you will not find in other cities.

Museum District

Much of Houston you will need a car to get around, but you will not need one to explore the museum district. You can visit up to 19 museums within a small 12 block radius. Oh, and another great tip is, every Thursday most of these museums offer free admission.

Space Center Houston

While Florida is home to Cape Canaveral, Houston is home to NASA Johnson Space Center. While most people are not able to visit NASA, the space center is a chance for space lovers to learn more about its discoveries and history.

Professional Teams

If sports are your thing, then Houston is calling. Home to the 2017 World Series Champs Houston Astros, you will find that baseball is huge in this city. Also, home to the NBA’s Houston Rockets, where this team gets its name is due to NASA and the space shuttle program.

Outdoor Activities Year Round

Our moving guide to Houston would not be complete without some mention of the weather and quality of life. The weather here is beautiful throughout the year. You will be spending the day outside with a light jacket in the winter months. Many of the restaurants have large patios for outdoor dining. However, there are other weather conditions you may want to factor in as well.

First, Houston gets a lot of rain, they get more rain than any other city in Texas. May through July are some of the rainiest months. You will also need to adjust to the summer heat and the humidity.

You will want to stay stocked up on bug spray and sunscreen. It is a must to make sure to keep your home’s air condition in good shape. One thing you need to be prepared for is the Hurricane season, which starts June 1st and lasts until the end of November. Due to the location just off the Gulf of Mexico makes Houston susceptible to damage from hurricanes.

Residents are Neighborly.

Just like any other city in the nation, Houston has seen its fair share of hardships. Most recently they have seen severe destruction from hurricanes. The residents all came together and helped each other out from the devastation. This positivity displayed just shows the city’s character and resilience. Even though Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation, its residents still give off that small-town vibe and friendliness.

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