What You Should Know About Moving to Los Angeles

You may hear others tell you that if you can make it in LA, you can make it in New York. Well, that is true, but do not think that it works the other way around.

Los Angeles has a population of over 4 million people and is not really a mild-mannered city. This is a city of dreamers, hustlers, and people chasing after the others that have dreams. You will be able to see all this unfold on freeways, backlots, apartments, condos, and of course the many huge mansions.

Moving to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large metropolis, with many unique neighborhoods and smaller surrounding suburbs. Finding the perfect spot for yourself depends on location, cost of living, and the access to public transportation.

These are some of the most popular neighborhoods and surrounding cities to consider:

Silver Lake. located in east-central LA, this is where you will find a lot of the hipster culture. If you are looking for iconic mid-century homes with that suburban feel, then look no further. Home values are on the continual rise here.

Echo Park. With amazing views of downtown LA and is walking distance to the famous Sunset Boulevard. This part of town is more affordable than Silver Lake, but it still has that artsy feel that you may looking for.

Venice. One of the largest tourist destinations in California, Venice Beach, but living here is going to be one of the most eclectic in the area. If the beach lifestyle is the one you are looking for, then Venice is right up your alley.

West Hollywood. One of the trendiest neighborhoods in LA, here is where you will have the chance of finding movie stars and more. Also known for its night life.

Brentwood. This is a quiet upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles. Known for its large and spacious homes and huge yards.

Burbank. Known as the “Media Capitol of the World” due to this is where most of the entertainment companies are located. It is located just northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Los Feliz. Nestled away in the Santa Monica mountains, this area is perfect for that vintage and relaxes vibe.

Long Beach. Right on the Pacific Ocean, this waterfront neighborhood is just 20 miles from downtown. Due to it being right on the beach, the surfer attitude which makes it have a laid-back feel, is a perfect place for you to set up shop.

Los Angeles at a Glance

As the second largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles has a lot of offer, but is known that if you are just starting out then be prepared to hustle. Here are some facts about the city.

Population: 4.12 million

Cost of Living: 42% higher than the national average.

Median 1-bedroom Apartment: $1,650/month

Average Salary: $76,000/year

Things to Know Before Your Move

Getting up and moving to Los Angeles is a big commitment, but here is some information that you should know before packing your bags and heading to the City of Angels.

The Big One Could Happen

We are not talking about the box office numbers, but yes these are shaky as well. We are talking about how the city of Los Angeles is built close to a vault line. The last major earthquake to hit LA was in 1994 and did billions up billions of dollars of damage. Local scientists have been saying that LA is due for another high magnitude earthquake soon. One this to do is make sure to prepare an earthquake prep kit. Also keep your shoes in your bedroom.

Amazing Weather

Even though Los Angeles may be experiencing a drought, it nearly has the most perfect weather. The summers can get a little hot but at night the ocean breeze cools it back down. The patterns of warm days and cool nights is the most amazing part. Rain generally comes in the winter months, but be warned that when it does rain, people act like it is the first time ever seeing this type of weather.

Everyone Goes to the Gym

The city may be known as the City of Angels, but health and exercise are a huge part of the area. From the 1960s to today, you will be able to find a gym or some type of health and exercise business on any corner. These may range from boot camps to Pilates studios. So, pack your exercise clothing.

Rules of Engagement

IF you are single, then you will be able to find what you are looking for. A recommendation for you singles, treat dating like going to your local ice cream parlor. You will have many flavors to choose from, so try them and see what flavor sticks. If you are not in the best shape make sure to do coffee or cocktail dates, as hiking dates can make you look unattractive with all that huffing and puffing. Plus, if you do not click with them, you do not have to be stuck with them on a side of a mountain.

Bring Business Cards

This is the city where movie stars are made, musicians get their big break, and youtubers become famous. You never know when you will run into your future boss. This can all happen here in Los Angeles randomly. Always carry a business card or some type of contact information on you, you never know if you will be in the next big flick.

Beaches are not 20 Minutes Away

In all reality the beaches are 20 minutes away, but with traffic and congestion, no one is making it to the beach in twenty. If you are wanting to live on the beach, be prepared to open that pocketbook and hopefully you have a money tree to plant as well. Most likely you will be traveling to the beaches.

There is a Subway

There subway system started back in 1990 with a single line and has since developed into a many different lines. There is an expansion planned and will make this method of public transportation even better. Even though their system is not as extensive as the likes of New York or Chicago, but it is getting better and helping the freeway congestion.

Parking Signs

LA has some of the tallest and wordiest parking signs in the country. Make sure to read every single word. This will save you from paying a hefty parking ticket. Also find out when street sweepers will be coming so you have time to move your vehicle.

Asking for Directions

Driving on the freeways and interstates here means you are going to spend a couple of hours in traffic. Locals have learned over time different routes to take and try to avoid them. When asking for directions refer to the interstates as “The 405 or the 101”. If you are ever lost, people in the city are incredibly happy and friendly to give you directions.


If you are moving to LA and do not already have a job, then plan on playing the waiting game. Many people while waiting to land a job, hustle with side gigs. It is not uncommon for people to find others that have work for them to do.

It is not all Gold

Make sure to read all the fine print when anything in LA is “FREE”. Free always comes with some type of conditions. But when you do fine free giveaways in LA occasionally.

Traffic = BAD!

No matter the time of day, it is always rush hour in LA. You will become best friends with your navigation app or other apps such as Lyft and Uber. Learn different streets to get around LA.

Be Cool

Walking down the street, there is a good chance that you may run into your favorite actor or actress. Just because they are there does not mean they are available to talk to you. Try to control yourself before asking for a selfie.

Weed is Big Business

In 2016, California approved recreational cannabis. Since then, the culture has grown to huge numbers. Make sure to take it easy on those edibles. They pack a punch. You do not want to miss out on a job opportunity because you were high.