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Moving Tips and Tricks - Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

Tips and tricks on how you can make your life easier while moving!

Moving with Your Pets and Fur Babies

If you are a pet owner, then there is no way you are going to forget about your pets when moving. Moving with pets does come with its own challenges. Spending time with your fur babies before the move will prove to be beneficial. You want to take the time and thing about how the move will affect your pets. This can be just as stressful on your pets as it is on you. Maintain Their Regular Routine Many pets are uncomfortable with any change in their routine. To ensure a smooth transition make...


Must Have Moving Supplies and How to Use Each

You are now taking the time in planning you move. You are looking at purchasing your moving boxes and packing supplies, but which ones do you really need. Also, do you know how to use each one correctly. Make sure to not skimp on your moving supplies. Not having enough supplies can result in damages of your most valuable items. Here is a quick checklist of moving supplies you will need: Bubble WrapPacking PaperMoving BoxesMoving Blankets and PadsStretch WrapMattress BagsTape Gun and...


The Best State to Retire, But You May Not Want to Go Yet

It may be the best state to retire to, but most Americans might want to to avoid it, well at least for now. In a recent study by the Blacktower Financial Management Group, Florida toped the list of best states for retirees to live. A quarter of the population of the state is 60 years old or older. A couple of the main reasons for this is the warmer climate and the miles of sandy beaches. The average home price falls into the range of $252,000. One analysis found that the average life...


How to Pack A TV for Moving

Flat Screen TVs can be awkward to move and are very fragile. Because of the nature of this product, you will need to package them properly. You will be able to pack your TV in four easy steps. Just because newer TVs are lighter than their older heaving box versions, may make you think that they will be easy to move. Flat screens can be dropped, damaged, or scratched just as easy. In just a few steps you will be able to pack your TV in the best possible manner. Just do not through your tv in the...


Top Moving Hacks of All Time

Want to have a simpler way of making the moving process easier? Here at we have got the best moving day hacks of all time. This will help you stay ahead of all those moving woes. Before You Move In your new home, you will want to make sure to clean the bathrooms and kitchen.Make a donate pile for clothing and any other items you are not going to take with you. Do not forget to get a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.Plan your meals 2 weeks prior to your move....


7 New Year's Resolutions for New Movers

Planning on a new move, you are already making a new fresh start, so keep the momentum going with a couple more goals for 2021. Now that the new year is just around the corner, you have all the reason to make some resolutions. Everyone knows the usual resolutions such as eating right, lowering your debt and volunteering more. Just think you can transfer those resolutions into your move, giving you an amazing start to the new year. Here are our 7 goals and resolutions that can make for you...


11 Things To Get Rid of to Declutter Your Home

Everyone has some stuff in their home that is just sitting there and taking up space. The question is “Do you really need it?”. If you want to declutter your home but are not sure what or where to begin, here is a list of 13 items you will not even miss. Recipes and Cookbooks First, lets start in the kitchen and cabinets. You may have a full shelf of cookbooks or recipe box; our guess is that you are not using them as often as you need to with phones and tablets being able to store or search...


Best Questions to Ask When Renting a New Apartment

Leases for a new apartment can range from handshakes and verbal contracts or lengthy contracts. Sometimes depending on the length of the lease contract you may want to have a lawyer look over the lease and explain everything to you. Vital information should always be provided upfront from the leasing company or landlord. Never assume anything, make sure to ask about anything. Which questions are the most important to ask your landlord or leasing agent? We have come up with a list of the best...


9 Curb Appeal Tips You Can Do Yourself

If you make an ugly face at the thought of your house’s curb appeal, it might be time to do some DIY home improvements. Remember this is the first impression that any potential homebuyer will have, you will want to make your home as inviting as possible. We have asked the experts and here are 10 DIY home improvements you can do to wow your buyers. Walk Around Your Home The most popular walk for any homeowner is from the house to your mailbox or the garage into your home. The mall details are...


15 Tips for Moving During the Winter Months

The bitter cold and harsh winter weather is now upon us! I you have made the decision to move. For most states, this means freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. Here are 15 tips from the pros to help your cold winter move go as smoothly as possible: Check with Your Movers Yes, it may be cold out, but this is the best time financially to move. This is the off-season for moving companies. You will have the best chance of finding the moving date. Just make sure to check with the moving company...


8 Moving Day Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is one of the most stressful things to do and you may do it multiple times in your life. Many people procrastinate which can make moving day even more painful. Therefore, we recommend that you plan, just in case any pitfalls come. The more time you give yourself for your move, the less chance the things that may fall through the cracks will affect moving day. Many people that hire a professional moving company do not realize the expectations of the moving company. This lack of knowledge...


Can I Move During the Pandemic?

Many people are questioning if they can move during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some helpful answers to your questions. What is COVID-19? The Center of Disease Control and Prevention states, “COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person”. People may have symptoms that are like the common cold or the flu. These symptoms can be fever, cough, and shortness of breath. COVID-19 can be fatal. As of this writing there are currently over 18 million cases throughout the...

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