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Tips and tricks on how you can make your life easier while moving!

Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Everyone knows that moving can very stressful and taxing physically and mentally. Moving while pregnant, however, is a whole new beast. Pregnancy can make everything more difficult, and of course moving is no exception. If you must move, you must move. Cheap Cheap Moving boxes talked with customers that were pregnant during their move to get some firsthand tips and advice on what to do and what not to do. Do not Move The number one way to save the stress is to not move at all, try to postpone...


How to Pack Your Antique Furniture and Fine Art

Rare and high-quality items such as antiques and fine art need specialty care when moving. You do not want to pack these items as you would pack everything else. A process is required for each of these. In this article you will learn tips on how to move fine art, antiques, and assessing custom crating. Moving Fine Art Moving art can be tricky. With the finer pieces of art, your attention to detail and care may simply not be enough. With the right know how, moving wall art is generally a...


How to Move Your Master Bedroom

Moving the master bedroom in any home will always be a task, maybe not as bad as the kitchen, but can be very time consuming. This is where a lot of your personal items in this area that when you are moving you want to ensure get to your new place in pristine condition. Some of the items that will be coming out of this room will include your bed, wardrobe, and other nice items like TVs, lamps, and more. Here is the best way to move your master bedroom. Your Clothes Your wardrobe and closets are...


How to Use Packing Paper for Your Move

Packing paper is one of the most resourceful moving supplies that anyone can ask for when it comes to their upcoming move. Paper is useful in protecting fragile items from damage or breaking during a move. Packing paper is also recyclable and very flexible. Here we explain how to use packing paper for your next move. Why Do You Need Packing Paper? Packing paper also known as blank newsprint fits the needs of movers. The clean, unmarked paper is ideal for wrapping breakable items such as bowls,...


What You Need to Know Before Moving to San Antonio, Texas

Texas is home to some of the most iconic cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin. But are they the best cities to live in? That is where San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas, is climbing in the ranks. There are so many people relocating to San Antonio that it was in the top five fastest growing cities in the nation in 2018-2019. Let us consider why you might want to live in Texas. They have no state income tax, which is probably one of the largest draws for relocating here. There is...


The Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist

Get ahead of your move with the best moving supplies list ever. If you think that when you move all you will need are moving boxes and tape, think again. It is imperative to have the right moving and packing supplies on hand. That is why here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes we have created an essential list of moving supplies and equipment that you can refer to before, during, and after your move. This list will help you choose the perfect supplies that you will need to make your move more...


7 Tips for Moving Your Business or Office Space

The company you work for is moving either into a larger building due to growth or to a smaller building due to downsizing. A lot of the times employees can be excited for the upcoming move but are dreading the chaos that moving a business entail. Either way, you will want to plan out the move and make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Here are 7 Valuable Tips for a Successful Business Move Create A Moving Plan When it comes to moving an office, there is no such thing as being to...


How to Move Your Elderly Parents or Loved Ones

As we get older many of us will reach a point where we start to worry about our parent’s health and living conditions. We want our parents to stay as healthy as they can and live independently if possible, but there will come a time when we need to help them with common daily activities. Many of the times parents feel that they will be a burden on their children when it comes to these and healthcare needs. These feelings come natural and they do not need to be hidden or frowned upon by your...


How to Organize and Pack Your Bathroom for the Big Move

You are preparing for your move into your new house and starting to plan on where to start packing. Or you may have already started and now are in your bathroom wondering where to start. To start off with do not just cram everything into a couple of boxes, there is a method to the madness when it comes to packing up your bathroom. When packing your bathroom, you will want to start by sorting, then purging and lastly organizing. You may notice that some of your shampoo bottles only have a couple...


How to Pack Your Kitchen

How to Pack Your Kitchen for Your Big Move One of the hardest and most strenuous rooms to pack is your kitchen. Kitchens usually have the most stuff that needs to be packed in moving boxes, wrapped in packing paper and/or bubble wrap, and labeled. Here at Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes, we can break it down into five easy steps which will make the packing of your kitchen a lot easier. Step 1: How to Get Organized Just think of the Bob the Builder saying, measure twice, cut once. If we translate this...


The Best 10 Cities for LGBTQ Same-Sex Couples to Move To

Finding a place to call home can be difficult for anyone. If you are a same-sex couple, it can be even more challenging to find a city that is accepting and welcoming of your lifestyle. According to Effortless Insurance, who compose data points from all 50 states in the nation and found the cities with the highest number of same-sex couples. The company then compared that with other data like cost of living, average commute, and walkability to find the best cities for same-sex couples. 10. New...


10 Best Cities for Nightlife in the United States

You do not have to travel around the world to find a destination with a great nightlife. The United States’ has vibrant cities that offer anything from swanky hotel lounges to hip dance clubs to some of the best dive bars. But some destinations cater to the night owls better than the others. How did we rank these cities? We took into consideration the number of entertainment options, and factors like uniqueness and accessibility. Well, we do not want you to have to wait any longer… Here are the...

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